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Armenia (June/July) - Many healings, salvations and deliverances inside and outside of church.

Slideshow Overview

  • Pic 1: Map Armenia
  • Pic 2: Conference 9,500 attended in 3 days
  • Pic 3: Myself and friend Ben Fitzgerald. Ben was the main speaker at the conference. 
  • Pic 4: We got to share Jesus everywhere!
  • Pic 5: Mount Ararat where Noah's Ark rested in Genesis 8:4


Christ in You Movie - Part 2 Filming (July) - Debby and I were filmed for the upcoming Christ in You movie!

Slideshow Overview

  • Pic 1: Christ in You Movie (Original)
  • Pic 2: Ladies foot gets healed
  • Pic 3: Sharing Jesus with a group
  • Pic 4: Jesus aligning legs
  • Pic 5: Young people feel Jesus and get saved!
  • Pic 6: 4 youth on bridge all get saved!
  • Pic 7: Interview recapping the week

North Carolina USA (July) - Many healings, salvations, spontaneous water baptisms and God's presence! 

Slideshow Overview

  • Pic 1: 20 spontaneous water baptisms
  • Pic 2: An entire basketball team gets saved at the local mall!
  • Pic 3: Lady in pain level 10 walks away without cane! (Debbie Cannon in grey shirt prayed for her)

July 16 - Debby and I celebrate our 2nd year anniversary and my birthday

Slideshow Overview

  • Pic 1: Eiffel tower at night
  • Pic 2: Birthday cake

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We really value our monthly partners and feel the huge honor to be able to partner together in prayer for each-other! Yay God!

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Please enjoy! A $24.99 value

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If God heals today, then where is it? How do I get it manifest?  Can I heal the sick?  This compelling 2 part film will introduce you to healing and then give you keys to start your journey healing the sick! **For individual or group settings**

Featuring: Ruth Moore, Ben Wait and Jason Chin 

Run time (Approx. 20min) 

You can see the entire series here:

IMPORTANT: A password is required

Password: activatehealing (all lowercase)