"We are called to minister together. God has places for us to go and people to reach. Thank you for your love, prayers and financial partnership, together we will reach this generation for Jesus!" - Jason and Debby Chin

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Partner With Our Mission

When you partner, you are helping to share God’s love and message of redemption of hope around the world.

Daniel Kolenda, the successor to the great Reinhard Bonnke was in Nigeria Africa at Bonnke's final gospel crusade. Over 5 days, there were 1.7 million people that attended. Standing on the platform with his back to the masses, Daniel Kolenda said this, “The world will not be won with large crusades alone but when all believers empowered with the Holy Spirit begin to share their faith in Christ. When this happens the world can be saved!”

That is our mission, to train multitudes of believers around the world to share the gospel of Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit. With God’s grace, we have helped train over 100,000 people from more than 60 nations. This has been accomplished through conferences, books and online school training. (Not including our social media channels) The Lord has told us that we are just scratching the surface of the impact that He has in His heart for Love Says Go Ministries.


Help us to expand our reach and impact around the world. We invite you to become a Partner with Love Says Go Ministries International. 


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Partnership is the means by which you fully connect to the work of Love Says Go Ministries, and the ministry connects to you. It's a two-way relationship! When you become a Partner, you will receive Jason’s Partner updates, special resources, as well as scholarships to Love Says Go Academy and full access to our Partner community.

Partnership Is A Bridge

Partnership is much more than being on a mailing list- it is a holy, honored relationship to Jason Chin. Why? Because partnership is a relationship- a joining together in faith, purpose and mission for God’s glory and His kingdom expansion.

Partnership is like a bridge. It’s a great connector that joins those who fund the work of the ministry with the work itself, and it is upheld by the two pillars of prayer and financial support.

  1. Financial Support: A Partner commits to funding the work of the ministry with financial support. Jason’s heart is this, “Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” Philippians 4:17.

  2. Mutual Prayer Support: A Partner commits to pray for the work of the ministry, just as Jason and Debby prays for Love Says Go Ministry Partners weekly.

The bridge of partnership is not a one-way street, but it’s a mutual connection that offers a two-way exchange:

  • From Partners to Love Say Go Ministries flow prayer and financial contributions

  • From Love Says Go Ministries to Partners flow prayer, shared rewards and anointing.

When individualsfamiliesbusinessesministries and churches sow both prayer and finances into Love Says Go Ministries, the relationship of partnership and the two-way flow of a bridge begins.

The Rewards Of Partnership

Without the faithfulness of Partners, Love Says Go Ministries could not do all that God has called us to accomplish. Even so, the rewards of partnership are not one-way.

It doesn't matter if you're the one doing the preaching or if you're the one supporting the ministry, according to 1 Samuel 30:24-25, the reward for the work will be the same:

The share of the one who goes into battle is to be the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies. They will share equally. - 1 Samuel 30:24

When you step on the bridge of partnership with Love Says Go Ministries, you can expect:

  • Spiritual rewards for the ministry work being done through Love Says Go Ministries.

  • A harvest reaped from your seed sown.

  • The ministry's gifts and anointing to operate in your own life.

In addition to these benefits, you'll also receive satisfaction knowing that you are reaching and impacting people all over the world with God’s love and message of redemption.

Our Monthly Partner Program


When you Partner with Love Says Go Ministries International, you will be sowing into:

  • Souls Saved- Our work is dedicated to seeing souls saved and training others to save the lost.

  • A Global Movement - Love Says Go is a global movement that is impacting nations and generations with Jesus.

  • Personal God growth- You will be investing into your personal God growth with our exclusive partners resources and training.

In return, we will sow into our Partners:

  • Prayer- Jason partners in prayer for the Ministry Partners continually.

  • Resources- Revival resources are gifted to our Partners to help keep the fire burning.

  • Scholarships- Each year as a Partner, you receive two LSGA Scholarships for Semester 1 or 2 ($500 value). One to be used and one to be “gifted” to someone of your choice. (With a $25 a month partnership or more) 

  • Exclusive Time - We have special personal connection time set aside with our Partners through bi-annual “live” video calls and exclusive Partner connections at all of our hosted events.


Our 1st Partners Gift for You!

Christ in You The Voice

When you become a partner, we want to sow right back into your life. With your first partner gift, we will send you Christ in You - The Voice movie. This incredible revival resource will be a great encouragemnet to you. I believe that as you partner with this ministry, you are going to experience a great grace and blessing that is given back to you. And just as Paul said to his partners, I will declare to you, But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).


⭐️ The greatest reward is that you will be partnering with us to reach our world with King Jesus! Reaching people with Jesus is the highest priority in our lives and what we choose to spend our lives on. Together, we are going to see the greatest revival and harvest that this world has ever known and we ALL get to be a part of it...Praise Jesus!