Theresa Dedmon, Bethel Church pastor and founder of Impart Arts



is on pastoral staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where she oversees the Creative Arts department for the Church and School of Supernatural Ministry. She instruct on worship expressions and arts events within the church, as well as strategy and coordination for city transformation and outreach. She also speaks at national and international conferences, equipping and activating people in prophetic and healing ministry as she show them how to step into their supernatural and creative destinies. More about Theresa:

Lesson - Creativity Unlocks Heaven


Theresa Dedmon shares how creative God our Father is. Since we are created in His image, we also are naturally creative, even if we do not realize it. Theresa's session has an anointing to unlock creative ideas to bring God's kingdom into our spheres of infleunce. Theresa shows how each person is creative in their own special way. She shares incredible testimonies of God doing creative miracles.