Chris Overstreet, Bethel Church and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry outreach pastor



serves as the Outreach Pastor for Bethel Church and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. He is passionate about an intimate relationship with Jesus, out of which flows a lifestyle of ministering the Kingdom of God around him. It is common for miracles, salvations, and life transformations to be taking place as a result of Chris' encouragement of the Saints for the work of the ministry. Chris has a powerful testimony of how he lost 195 pounds, and he is passionate about ministering to people who desire to walk out their own personal total transformation. More about Chris:

Lesson 2 - You are a Witness


Lesson 2 - Chris Overstreet teaches the students to not "try" to witness but to realize, they "are" a witness. He makes living a lifestyle of the supernatural very attainable to everyone. You will be encouraged to do practical things, like loving your neighbor, that could change their life forever.