For Christmas we wanted to gift 10 more Love Says Go Academy scholarships! Yay God!

The 10 Winners Are... 


Happy Holidays and Thank you All for playing!

We at Love Says Go want to thank you for entering to win a Love Says Go Academy Scholarship valued at $250.

Before we show you who won..maybe it is you! 

"We want to 'Gift" EVERYONE that entered a Love Says Go book + 12 training videos for Free! 

We hope this book + videos may be a huge blessing to your life in Jesus!" 

Thank You, Jason Chin

Bill Johnson, "Love Says Go is bound to have a great impact on everyone who reads it. It is filled with life from cover to cover. And like other books I have great esteem for, this one encourages, gives insight, and provokes the reader to discover what might be possible in their lifetime."

Danny Silk, "Jason is a revivalist in every sense of the word. I love how he is bringing both literal step by step instruction on how to walk in miracles with an online demo pack. This training is cutting edge."

A Christmas Gift to You!

LOVE SAYS GO BOOK + 12 Training Videos.

WHAT's Included:

     ✔️ God's Love - This entire book is about loving God, loving yourself in proper identity and loving others in power.

     ✔️ Hosting God's Presence - We cover how to be aware of the presence of God and how to steward it.

     ✔️ Hearing God's Voice - We teach on the many different ways that God speaks to us. We practice hearing God's voice.

     ✔️ Identity in Christ - It is so important to know who we are in Christ as we start moving in miracles. 

     ✔️ Healing the Sick - There is easy step by step practical training on how to heal the sick and advanced training.

     ✔️ Marketplace Ministry - We give much instruction on ways to bring the kingdom of God into your everyday life.

     ✔️ Video Activations - There are 12 training videos to help you activate what you are learning.

And now that we are ALL winners...

lsga people.jpg


  • Gilly Stott , Tiffany Jane

  • Jans Lewis, Lisa Henkes

  • Daniel Franken, Ashton Meyer

  • Alexa Colby, Jacoby Ellis

  • Matt Richards & Wanda Franco!

**If you are listed above please email us at so we can send you a LSGA welcome packet! 

If you were not picked but would like to join us for class starting Jan 01, 2018. Here is a great savings to you!

Congrats and thank you for playing! 

Blessings, Jason Chin

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