Luke Palasz - California, USA

How has LSGA impacted me? Well let's just say I went to a bible college for three years of my life and yes I loved it, I learned a lot.. however in comparison, LSGA's 12 week course (and the second semester) revolutionized everything I knew about Christianity and how it can be lived. I speak, think, act, feel, differently after these teachings. I'm not exaggerating either!


Joyce G. - Belize City, Belize

LSGA makes being a Christian fun!  I've learned to celebrate the process of crossing the "chicken line" to minister words of knowledge & healing& to remember that its always a win when you share the love of God. The awesome online community support system keeps you encouraged as you hear from those who  started where you are &have plowed through & overcome making evangelism a fun lifestyle! It's hard to be brief when something is so life changing!"