Seth Dahl, senior director of the children's ministry at Bethel Church



is the Children’s Pastor at Bethel Church. His passion is to bring God’s Kingdom with signs and wonders, connecting children to the Father’s heart so that they will serve Him all the days of their lives. He loves to train up leaders to become spiritually healthy and equip them to bring revival to their ministries. Seth spent four years working with Metro Ministries in New York City, a ministry that uses over 55 buses to reach 20,000 children each week. Seth and his wife Lauren are graduates of BSSM and are enjoying raising their two children; Brooklyn and August. More about Seth:

Lesson 12 - Kingdom Ambassadors

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Lesson 12 - Seth Dahl uncovers a deeper meaning into what being an ambassador of heaven means for us and for others. He uses such clear examples that the students really grasp the idea of being an ambassador. Seth also highlights the power of Joy in a believer's life. This session releases such a clarity of our mission, of bringing heaven to earth.