Jason Chin, founder of Love Says Go Ministries and Love Says Go Academy



is founder of Love Says Go Ministries and Love Says Go Academy. He is a graduate of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministries and oversaw a BSSM outreach for 6 years. Jason was licensed and ordained through Bethel Church in Redding CA in 2016. Jason speaks at international conferences, where he equips and activates the church to walk in power and love. He currently lives in Basel, Switzerland with his lovely wife Debby. Together they have committed their lives for the furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Lessons: 1, 4 & 8

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Lesson 1 - Abba Father. Jason Chin unpacks the gospel message from Abba Father's perspective. We all have had hard circumstances in life but those do not define us, God does. There is a powerful anointing in this session, to liberate students from past failures into God's grace. We have had many testimonies from student, saying this session set them free from decades of internal pain.

Lesson 4 - Basic Deliverance. Jason Chin trains students in how to set people free from demonic spirits and influence. This is an area that many believers feel untrained in. In this session, Jason teaches how we can set the captives free, while maintaining a place of safety, honor and love to the person that is getting freedom. This session is really empowering and keeps our focus on God and His love, not on darkness.

Lesson 8 - Understanding Dreams. Jason Chin teaches the basic steps of dream interpretation. He explains the different sources of dreams and how God speaks through symbolism and metaphors in our dreams. After this lesson, students will practice getting understanding into each other's dreams. This is a very powerful session, that helps students learn how to hear God in their dreams.