Dr. Harold Eberle, founder of Worldcast Ministries and Publishers



is founder of Worldcast Ministries. Harold and Linda pastored a church for 6 years beginning in 1980. After a fruitful season of pastoring, Harold felt a call to travel and minister to the larger Body of Christ. Since that time, Harold has become known in churches around the world. He is a popular conference speaker and visiting instructor at numerous Bible Colleges.  Harold has authored over 25 books, dealing with issues such as Church leadership, life-centered Christianity, Kingdom finances, Church history, victorious Christian living, and various areas of theology. Several of his books are used as textbooks in Bible Colleges and seminaries throughout the world. Harold and Linda have been married for 33+ years and now live in Yakima, Washington, US. They raised three children who are grown and living happily on their own. More about Harold: http://worldcastministries.com/

Lesson 9 - Father Son Theology


Lesson 9 - Dr. Harold Eberle shares about four basic theological mindsets that Christian live their life from. He shares that the highest revelation is understanding "Father/Son" theology. That before the earth was created, God's biggest goal was to have children in His image. This lesson will set your heart a ease, knowing your greatest call in life is to be a beloved child of God.