Chuck Parry, Bethel Church pastor and co-director of the healing rooms



after many years in pastoral ministry, moved to Redding, CA in 2008 to be part of Bethel Church and experience the School of Supernatural Ministry. Chuck became involved with Bethel Healing Rooms, was part of the leadership team, and now fills the Associate Director role. His vision is to encourage, activate, and empower awakening believers and to serve the church internationally to see it become “the fullness of Him who fills all in all.” Chuck now lives in Redding, California with his wife Linda, their daughter Grace, and four grandchildren. More about Chuck:

Lesson 3 - Advanced Healing


Lesson 3 - Chuck Parry imparts grace that healing the sick may be more simple and easier than most believers think. He explains how healing is central to the gospel and then gives practical tips to see greater results when praying for the sick. There is so much grace on this lesson, to go to a new level in healing the sick.