At Love Says Go Academy, we help normal, sometimes timid, believers become everyday world-changers in Christ!


Have you ever wanted to share Jesus with someone but, in the moment you felt inadequate, froze and chickened out?

I understand, I have been there too!

 In fact, I skipped my first 4 weeks of outreach in our supernatural ministry school because fear.

Step by step, through God’s powerful love and grace, I got freedom from that fear. Now, we have the greatest joy helping others to start living in greater freedom to love God and to share Him with others! 


+ How much time investment each week?

LSGA is perfect for people that already have a full time schedule. Our course time involvement is only 1.5 to 2 hours a week. Some students watch the video classes while on break at work, or listen to the downloadable MP3 audio while commuting to the job or exercising at the gym.

+ What does a normal class schedule look like?

Every Monday, at 9am PST, a one week class module is unlocked. You are able to work at your own pace throughout that week to complete all the assignments. Each week includes extensive pre-recorded video content, a short quiz, interactive assignments, and community activities.

+ How do the two semester schedules work?

Both semesters are 12 weeks long, with a short break in between. We start each semester on the first Monday of January and the first Monday of June. (Example: If you start Semester 1 in June, you will begin Semester 2 the following January.)

+ Are the teaching classes live?

The video classrooms are pre-recorded, so you are able to watch them anytime you choose each week. This helps with the time differences with all our international students and allows you to be more flexible in your personal schedule too. (All LSGA classes are also available to you in MP3 downloads. You get to keep these teachings forever and they are included in tuition cost.)

+ What are the grading requirements?

A passing grade at Love Says Go Academy, is 70% completion of all coursework at a passing grade of 70%. This is a very easy grade to reach as long as the weekly classroom videos are watched.

+ Are there LSGA Certificates of Completion?

At the close of every LSGA Semester, each student that passes will receive a Love Says Go Academy, Certificate of Completion. Our LSGA Certificates are unique for each semester and can proudly be put on display.

+ WHat is the LSGA online community?

Each LSGA student gets membership to our LSGA online community, which is only available to current LSGA students and alumni. This community becomes an incredible source of love, encouragement and support. Many students have said they have never been a part of such a life giving community that becomes to them "family". After graduation our LSGA community stays interactive and connected.

+ How do I enroll and what happens next?

To enroll, click on the 'Enroll Now' link on this page. Choose the Tuition Option that you want and complete the order and payment process. Upon checkout, you will receive a payment confirmation email. Once our staff receives the payment confirmation, you will receive by email, a LSGA welcome letter and packet with complete instructions for your upcoming LSGA semester.

+ Is there financial aid or scholarships?

Every semester, we give out many LSGA scholarships to students that are unable to pay. This program is not designed for those just 'not wanting' to pay to save money. If you really have a financial hardship please email us at We will pray for, review and respond promptly if you are approved or not for this program.

+ Are there payment options?

We have many low monthly payment options available to you. You can pay for each semester separately, or take advantage of our LSGA bundle package to save the most. [ See payment options here ]

+ Is there a refund policy?

LSGA is 100% Guaranteed. We want you to be completely satisfied, so we offer full refunds up to 30 days after the first day of class begins.

+ How do I contact LSGA?

Any and all questions regarding LSGA should be sent to

Lesson 1 - The Seed Life

Jason Chin passionately shares the heart of God for people. There is a powerful anointing on this session for students to catch the passion of God towards themselves and the world. Jason explains what living a lifestyle of sowing God seed looks like.

Lesson 2 - Dreaming with God

Jason Chin takes the students on an amazing adventure, in what dreaming with God could look like for themselves. He breaks down limiting mindsets and unlocks possibilities of what a persons destiny in God could really be. 

Lesson 3 - Friendship with Holy Spirit

Joaquin Evans shares how intimacy and friendship with Holy Spirit is our highest aim. Many students have been supernaturally healed during this session, as Joaquin prays for the sick. A man with a fused neck and neuropathy in his legs was completely healed. Students have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues during this lesson!


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Lesson 4 - Prophecy and Words of Knowledge

Jason Chin teaches on the gift of Word of Knowledge and the difference between New Covenant and Old Covenant prophecy. This will help you gain more courage in stepping out to hear God's voice for others and to even to ask for specific details.

Lesson 5 - The Power of Sonship

Chad Dedmon shows why it is so important to receive the Father's love and spirit of adoption. If we do not receive this, we can try to do good works for the approval and acceptance of God. Students have really been touched with Father God's love this week!

Lesson 6 - Prophetic Workshop

Jason Chin does a fun and very practical "Hearing God's Voice" workshop. You get to practice hearing God in new ways. There is a real impartation in this lessons for you to go to a new level in the prophetic. Some students started to prophetically get people's names in the marketplace and even important dates to them, like their birthdays.

Lesson 7 - Childlikeness and Joy

Seth Dahl does a brilliant job unpacking the power in childlikeness and joy. Seth is the children's pastor at Bethel church and he has seen his kids ministry do mighty miracles in God. Many families have been blessed this week, learning how we adults can benefit in being more childlike and children are powerful in God!

Lesson 8 - Authority in Christ

Jason Chin show how we can walk in the authority that Christ set up for us. There is a legal right that God established for us in victory through the New Covenant. This lessons helps students to ground their faith in God's word, to see powerful breakthrough in the lives of others.

Lesson 9 - Becoming Love

Ben Fitzgerald inspires the students to take risk to love others. He shares some heart moving testimonies of God's faithfulness in the midst of pain and brokenness. Ben's passion for the lost, has touched many of our students lives deeply.

Lesson 10 - The "Go" of the Gospel

Jason Chin is moved to tears as he shares the importance of the mission of the gospel. He also helps the students understand the burden that is to be carried by the believer and by the Lord himself. There is a real grace for student's hearts to be marked by God's intense love during this session.

Lesson 11 - Creating with God

Francesco Sideli breaks some boxes of what normal Christianity may look like to God. In this lesson, Francesco shares the creative heart of God and shares testimonies of how creativity can unlock the kingdom of God.

Lesson 12 - Nothing is Impossible with God

Jim Rogers has seen some of the most outstanding notable miracles of God that I have heard of. He personally has seen God raise 5 people from the dead. In this session, your faith will shoot through the roof. A youth group in Argentina, after hearing Jim's message, prayed for a young man that was paralyzed from birth. God healed him and he walked for the very first in his life!

LSGA Graduation - Certificate and Ceremony

Live Gathering and Graduation: Every year there is a live LSGA gathering and celebration for the LSGA graduates. This is a powerful time of connection for our community. We base our LSGA gathering around a powerful supernatural conference, typically in the United States. There are special connection times, training and outreach, just for the LSGA students. This is a personal highlight of the year for Jason Chin and the LSGA Core team to connect with the LSGA alumni movement!


Love Says Go Academy is one of the top online schools in the world to activate believers in the powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit. We help believers get free from the fear of man through God's love, to share Jesus with the world!





     ✔️ God's Love - This entire book is about loving God, loving yourself in proper identity and loving others in power.

     ✔️ Hosting God's Presence - We cover how to be aware of the presence of God and how to steward it.

     ✔️ Hearing God's Voice - We teach on the many different ways that God speaks to us. We practice hearing God's voice.

     ✔️ Identity in Christ - It is so important to know who we are in Christ as we start moving in miracles. 

     ✔️ Healing the Sick - There is easy step by step practical training on how to heal the sick and advanced training.

     ✔️ Marketplace Ministry - We give much instruction on ways to bring the kingdom of God into your everyday life.

     ✔️ Video Activations - There are 12 training videos to help you activate what you are learning.



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