⭐️2019 LSGA Gathering & Bethel⭐️

Schedule of Events & More Details



We can not wait to be with you soon! We know Jesus has such a special week of surprises for you in Redding Ca. We believe your life will never be the same afterward…Whoohuu Jesus!

Here is a detailed schedule of our time together in Redding.

📌 Please Note: There are multiple locations for all these events.

If you have more questions please email us at lovesaysgoteam@gmail.com.

🚩 September 30th, Monday

5pm - 6:30pm Meet and Greet Dinner

Location: Cicada Cantina Mexican Restaurant (Outdoor Patio)

Address: 1691 Hilltop Dr. Redding, CA

Description: This will be our initial “Meet & Greet” where we get to see you and have a quick meal before our evening meeting at Bethel Church.

Note: We ask that you order some food during this time together. This meal is not covered in your registration. There are very reasonable menu choices.

7pm - 9:30pm Bethel Firestarters & LSGA Holy Spirit Night

Location: Bethel Church Main Campus (*Upper Room)

Address: 933 College View Dr, Redding, CA 96003, USA

*The Upper Room is located upstairs in the main Bethel building.


9:50am-9:30pm LSGA Gathering Main Event (Family Fun Day)

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Location: Cottonwood Community Center

Address: 20595 Gas Point Road, Cottonwood, CA 96022

Description: This is our main LSGA connection day. We have so many special things planned with you!

9:50am-12pm Surprise Guest Speaker

12pm-2pm LSGA Family Meal Time “Made with Love”. This meal is included in your LSGA registration.

2pm-4:30pm Fun Activity & Supernatural Workshops

4:30pm-7pm Dinner Break “Free Time”. (Meal not provided)

7pm-9:30pm Special Holy Spirit Encounter Ministry Night

🚩 October 2nd-4Th, Wednesday-Friday

Bethel Open Heavens Conference

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Location: Redding Civic Auditorium

Address: 700 Auditorium Drive, Redding, CA

Description: This is Bethel’s annual Open Heavens Conference. It is always such a powerful Holy Spirit filled conference.

We will try to sit together during the sessions. We also will try to set up some special LSGA connection times during some meals.

Other Important Details

Redding is a sprawling area. Lodging options run the gammet from hotels to motels to Air BnBs to you name it. The three main locations for our Gathering week will include an evening at Bethel Church, a day at Cottonwood Community Center, and the conference at the Redding Civic Auditorium. We will also be hosting some LSGA connect times in and around the area. 

📌POST YOUR LODGING location, if you'd like to know who your fellow LSGA neighbors will be, and connect! ⭐️Post Here >>

Flights can arrive directly into Redding, CA, or into nearby larger Sacramento or San Francisco airports. Redding is a smaller airport that offers hop flights from the other two, and for some it might be a good option. An alternative is to fly into one of the major airports,then rent a vehicle to make the 2 hour drive to Redding.

🚘Ride sharing for a car rental is a great idea and lowers the cost for everyone. Uber and Lyft may shuttle the distance, but could be pricey. There is a new, independent driver service called Salt House which is advertising cheaper rates, but availability may be limited. Amtrak also comes into Redding. Use the comments section to network on this, or private message one another. Once in Redding, local ride-shares or carpooling with other LSGA attendees in a car rental will be great options. Consider also how to return to your departing airport; perhaps you'll find fellow alumni heading to the same airport on the same day and you can buddy-share rides then, too. 

📌POST YOUR TRANSPORTATION plans or wishes below, and connect with others to join in on a rental or Uber/Lyft arrangement. ⭐️Post Here >>

LSGA will host a HAPPY HOUR MEET and GREET kick-off party at a local, favorite restaurant of Jason's on our first evening together, before our evening Bethel Fire Starters event. We ask that everyone who attends this event with us please choose to dine at this restaurant for dinner, as a way of saying THANK YOU to the restaurant for hosting a group of our size.

🎈OUR LSGA FAMILY FUN DAY🎈 will include a huge banquet of delicious homemade dishes from our beloved FAMILY and CORE, and there will be something for everyone, we hope! If you have a special or restricted diet, please feel free to bring a meal that suits your particular need. There is a refrigerator and microwave accessible if needed, and please let us know if this is something you will require so we can be aware.

The rest of the week, meals will be on-your-own. In addition to sit-down restaurants around town or perhaps your own BnB kitchen, there are also options like Trader Joe's market and other similar spots for quick eats like fresh salads and deli items, as well as plenty of fast food places to try.

We will always aim to sit together as a group. At this time we have not yet confirmed whether seats will be sectioned especially for LSGA. Last year in Orlando, volunteers from our group worked to accomplish seat saving. That meant that some folks lined up early for the morning and evening sessions to give the rest of us that gift of a seat near one another! More details will follow.

We have alumni coming from all over! And that includes many climates and temperatures! Be sure to check Redding weather forecasts to familiarize yourself with how to dress comfortably in northern California's late summer.

If you have more questions please email us at lovesaysgoteam@gmail.com.

We can not wait to see you! We know Jesus is going to really impact your life during this week! Yay God!

❤️Much Love, Jason, Debby and Core team!