Love Says Go Book + 12 Training Videos

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazon 5 Star Rating

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Amazon 5 Star Rating


(Note: German and Spanish versions do not include videos)


Bill Johnson, "Love Says Go is bound to have a great impact on everyone who reads it. It encourages, gives insight, and provokes the reader to discover what might be possible in their lifetime."

Colleen Hart, "Love Says Go has changed my life! Fear no longer keeps me from reaching out to share Jesus with others!"

Colleen is a graduate of our LSGA online school too!

"This training material really helped me not just read about a life of miracles but helped me put it into practice... Jason's LSGA online school really solidified it!" - Jack M, USA


     ✔️ God's Love - This entire book is about loving God, loving yourself in proper identity and loving others in power.

     ✔️ Hosting God's Presence - We cover how to be aware of the presence of God and how to steward it.

     ✔️ Hearing God's Voice - We teach on the many different ways that God speaks to us. We practice hearing God's voice.

     ✔️ Identity in Christ - It is so important to know who we are in Christ as we start moving in miracles. 

     ✔️ Healing the Sick - There is easy step by step practical training on how to heal the sick and advanced training.

     ✔️ Marketplace Ministry - We give much instruction on ways to bring the kingdom of God into your everyday life.

     ✔️ Video Activations - There are 12 training videos to help you activate what you are learning.

A Great Resource for Small Groups & Church Classes

"The Love Says Go homegroups brought a great impact of faith and life to our church body!" Pastor George J, Alabama.

Many churches and small groups have used our Love Says Go book and videos as a training resource. They will read the book a chapter a week and then watch the videos together when they meet together.

We have discounts on group book orders. Email us at for more information.