We are so blessed that God has brought us the best LSGA Leadership Team! Each LSGA leader is a graduate of LSGA Semester 1 and Semester 2. They each have a powerful gift of encouragement to cheer our wonderful LSGA students on in their own personal God-growth and adventure! Thank you LSGA Leadership Team for all you do in this community...We love you!

LSGA Founder and Directors

Jason, Terry and Debbie are the overseers of all LSGA school functions


Jason Chin – Founder of LSGA

I am the founder of Love Says Go ministries and LSGA. I am a husband, father of three, an author, speaker and activator of the good news of Jesus Christ. My core message is intimacy and identity, to behold Jesus and then to re-present Him. I want to inspire, motivate and equip a generation to share Jesus in their spheres of influence. I am a licensed minister from Bethel Church in Redding CA and I currently live with my wife in Switzerland.


Terry Spencer – Director of Operations

I am a registered nurse and a single mother of 2 beautiful children. I currently live in Brookhaven, MS. I want to walk and live like Jesus. Love like Jesus loves. Reach out to the hungry and lonely. Heal the sick. Encourage the downhearted. I want to BE love in everyday life. At the grocery store. At the gas station. At Walmart. To that homeless man on the corner. I want to be a sold out Jesus lover who shares Him with the world around me with no holds barred! He is my heart!


Debbie Cannon – Director of Operations

I live in Drasco, Arkansas. I've been married to Alan for 28 years, and we have two grown children. I used to teach elementary school but been blessed to be a homemaker since 1991. I discovered Love Says Go at a healing conference in 2014. I was scared yet intrigued by treasure hunts and marketplace ministry. After reading the book and discovering there was a class to help me grow in this, I jumped in with both feet...and I've never looked back. Praise the Lord!

LSGA Core Leadership Team

LSGA Core Leadership's heart is to serve the wonderful LSGA community and to dream with God for future LSGA development


Diana Bluthenthal

I'm a wife of 24 years to a U.S. military veteran and mother to two older teen sons. I was an author / illustrator of children's books for 17 years. My family of four are all brain injury survivors from a life crisis that hurled me into the arms of God. Very soon after that I encountered Jason, and though I was a already church-going Christian, I became inspired to believe that God knows and loves us intimately, IS incomprehensibly good, loving, able, and is actively leading us out of all afflictions and into victory! Now come alongside others, share my faith journey and hope to inspire courage for others to dare to believe, too!


Steve Dominguez

I'm from the Chicago area. I have three kids who are all amazing warriors for God's kingdom. I have one grandchild, and three more on the way. I do technical sales for a living. I'm involved with jail ministry, and my wife and I do physical healing and inner healing ministry together. I've written a book called the Intended Christian Life (which is endorsed by Jason Chin :-) ). Fun fact: My middle name is Rock, named after both Christ and my Grandfather Rocco. Blessings, Steven


Sandy Horn

I live in sunny Florida with my husband Ray who is retired from the USMC. We've been married 43+ years; have 4 married children, and 12 grandchildren - so much fun! I want to live my life led by the Spirit - not by fear. For years, two of my favorite YouTube video testimonies are Chad Dedmon's Grocery Store Testimony and the Disneyland Breakout. Imagine my surprise when I bought a book & video course called LOVE SAYS GO and found out the author (Jason Chin) was a catalyst at the Disneyland Breakout! After the book/video course, I enrolled in LOVESAYSGO Academy in the Fall of 2015 and haven't looked back!


Dan & Kat Wassenaar

Kat: I am 32. We are from New Zealand. I am a worship leader, and enjoy writing and recording music. I have spent a lot of time teaching teenagers, I have a deep love for our youth. LSGA has been the best adventure with Jesus! Dan: 33 yrs old. Kat and I completed the first ever LSGA school and haven’t looked back! Its amazing how far we have come and all the amazing things we have seen so far. I’m excited to equip, encourage and empower the sons and daughters of God.



Jim Eng

I live in Victoria, Canada. I am married to my current wife, Guen, for 20 years. Hahaha. Almost a “mail-order bride”. Met her for the first time when I went to China to marry her in 1997. I am retired from driving a city transit bus for 28 years. Now I’m in my new career helping my sister-in-law’s sewing shop business. I do healing in the shop quite often partly due to the tremendous spiritual growth I had gained from attending the LSGA course semesters. LSGA has totally impacted my life. Age wise I am the oldest in this group but I feel that I am just coming into the prime of my life enjoying amazing Love, Power, Life and Joy in the Lord.


Tara Seidman

Married for 23 years, my hubby Chris and I have 3 teenage sons. Since 2001 our family has been a part of The Branch, a multi-site church in Dallas where Chris serves as senior pastor. Although we both grew up in Christian homes, our sweet heritage of faith didn't include much talk about the Holy Spirit. We have been on an exciting journey of discovering the MORE of Him...and STILL learning!! Jason Chin's videos, book, and LSGA have been major catalysts in my own personal growth and overcoming fears!

LSGA - Activation & Graduation Team

Jessie and Matt facilitate fun group supernatural activations in LSGA / Rachelle oversees LSGA graduation and certificates of completion


Jessie Jamison – Activation Instructor

After the Lord healed me of triple pulmonary emboli in 2013, I really started pursuing him more than ever before. I had gained a tangible experience of Papa's heart toward me. I wanted to go deeper. A year and a half later I signed up for semester 1 LSGA! Thank God I did. I have grown so much in the past year or so and I don't want to go back!! Starving fear and building my faith by baby steps is incredible!


Matt Bacon – Activation Instructor

I live in Adamstown, PA. I'm married to my amazing wife Nicole and we have 4 children who are being raised knowing they are world changers. I own my own custom woodworking business. I didn't grow up in church and have only come to know Jesus in 2011. LSGA has been such an amazing experience, challenging me to grow in my faith and boldness by stepping out and loving others the way Jesus does. Praying for the sick, prophesying, deliverance, and empowerment is how I love to minister to others. Jesus is King!


Rachelle Wechsler – Graduation Director

I have a heart for people to rise to their call as godly men and women, regardless of hurts and past failures. I have been in ministry since I was a teenager and currently serve as Executive Pastor with my husband Zack, at The Encounter Community Church. I speak with a Prophetic anointing that flows through the Love of God reaching to the very core of the hearts of people. I am a mother of five wonderful children and love seeing God use myself and my husband to see people come alive and walk in destiny.