LSGA Bundle - Tuition & Books


LSGA Bundle - Tuition & Books

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This is the complete Love Says Go Academy package! Includes tuition and books for both LSGA Semester 1 & 2. This has everything you will need for your LSGA God adventure! (Risk Free! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!)

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The LSGA Bundle Package has it all! 

This option includes tuition for both Semester 1 and Semester 2. It also includes both required books plus an exclusive God-Journal that is only available through this package. If you are ready for the complete Love Says Go Academy God-growth adventure, this is it! The Bundle Package saves you the most.




After registration, you will receive an Welcome Letter and your Class Syllabus & Guidelines.


Theses are pre-recorded (not live) HD video classroom teaching sessions filmed exclusively for this school. We have 12 incredible sessions with some of the most amazing teaching for our Instructors/Revivalists. These video lessons are not available anywhere else. Every Monday morning at 9 am PST the weekly training video lesson will be unlocked. The student will have two weeks to watch the teaching as many times as needed.


We have in class supernatural 'practice' times to encourage growth in hearing and seeing in the Spirit.


Each week a review test for the current teaching will be available on the L.S.G.A. course homepage. The online tests are brief consisting 8-10 questions corresponding with the current weeks teaching video. The student will submit the completed tests for grading each week.


There is one book that is required reading during the 12 week semester. You will have a 20 question online review test that the student must submit in order to receive a complete in the course.

Reading List:
Love Says Go, by Jason Chin (If you have already read this book you can review it or advance right to the test)
The Risk Factor, By Kevin and Chad Dedmon (Optional)

*Please note- These books are available at a discounted price but are not included in the tuition cost and must be purchased separately.


Every week the students will be able to choose to complete one love outwards goal. These are designed to practice putting into action loving others in power. There are several choices the students can choose from. I promise these will be fun and not so scary.

We have Facebook groups available for students to stay connected and encouraged. These groups are optional but very powerful.


For those that complete the coursework of the semester, they will receive a Love Says Go Academy Graduation Certificate.

We have our annual LSGA graduation ceremony for our students during the incredible Love Explosion conference in Las Vegas NV. This is a powerful time of celebration, connection and impartation.



BOOK READING - Love Says Go, by Jason Chin

WEEK 1: Jason Chin
Teaching- Identity, Everything restored back to the garden

WEEK 2: Jason Chin
Teaching- Dreaming with God, building in the Spirit

WEEK 3: Joaquin Evans
Teaching- Hosting the Presence

WEEK 4: Jason Chin
Teaching- Prophecy & words of knowledge stretching for more specifics

WEEK 5: Jason Chin
Workshop- Activating and exercising our spiritual senses

WEEK 6: Seth Dahl
Teaching- The finished work of the Cross

WEEK 7: Jason Chin
Teaching- Our authority to heal the sick

WEEK 8: Ben Fitzgerald
Teaching- Becoming Love.

WEEK 9: Jason Chin
Teaching- The power of the gospel

WEEK 10: Francesco Sideli
Teaching- Creativity brings heaven

WEEK 11: Chad Dedmon
Teaching- Sons have full access

WEEK 12: Jim Rogers
Teaching- Creative Miracles


BOOK READING - Compassion to Action by Chris Overstreet / Translating God by Shawn Bolz

WEEK 1: Jason Chin

Teaching - Abba Father

WEEK 2: Chris Overstreet

Teaching - Being A Divine Appointment

WEEK 3: Chuck Parry

Teaching - Healing the Sick Advanced

WEEK 4: Jason Chin

Teaching - Basic Deliverance

WEEK 5: April Lewis

Teaching - Culture of Honor

WEEK 6: Joaquin Evans

Teaching - Friendship with Holy Spirit

WEEK 7: Steve Backlund

Teaching - Hope and Right Believing

WEEK 8: Jason Chin

Teaching - Understanding Dreams

WEEK 9: Dr. Harold Eberle

Teaching - Father / Son Theology

WEEK 10: Nathaniel Oliveri

Teaching - Manifesting Sonship

WEEK 11: Dr. Jonathan Welton

Teaching - New Covenant Theology

WEEK 12: Seth Dahl

Teaching - Ambassadors and Joy

BONUS: Theresa Dedmon

Teaching - Born to Create

L.S.G.A. GRADUATION and Love Explosion conference in Las Vegas



Q: Can I still take the LSGA course and not do the homework?

A: Yes, you can still take part of the LSGA course, but without completing the homework, you will not be eligible to receive LSGA completion certificate. You would be considered an “auditing” student.

Q: What does LSGA Completion Certificate mean?

A: Your completion certificate will allow you to return to the Second year of LSGA.. LSGA is working towards accreditation and that would allow your completion certificate to be transferred towards a degree.

Q: What happens when I do not turn in my homework on time.

A: You have 2 weeks to complete the homework. If you fall behind you will have to email the director to let her know why. If you are more than 4 weeks behind on any homework or quizzes you will be considered an “auditing” student and not receive the completion certificate.

Q: Who do I contact with any questions concerning the LSGA?

A: Any and all questions regarding LSGA should be sent to


Refund Policy

A 100% refund will be issued if requested before the first day of class. 

An 80% refund will be issued if requested within 30 days of the first day of class.

A 50% refund will be issued if requested between 31-60 days of when class begins.

Tuition is non-refundable after 61 days.