We are beyond excited to be on this new LSGA Journey Group adventure with you! Thank you for your heart to sow your love, time and encouragement into these LSGA 2019 worldchangers! We know Jesus is going to do the most amazing things in these Journey Groups. We believe your life in Jesus is going to be incredibly encouraged and blessed too!

Thank You So Much! Jason Chin and LSGA Team.

3 Main Purposes

  1. Connection & Encouragement: A smaller group for the students to get to know and grow together.

  2. Checking in with LSGA: See how the students are doing in class.

  3. Empowering Leaders: Looking for someone in your group that could lead or co-lead a Semester 2 Journey Group.

How Often?

We ask that you schedule a fixed day & time video call 2 X a month. The normal video calls will last 30 minutes except for the first 2 calls. The first 2 calls are 1 hour, so you can get to know each other better.

Note: If you have students that want to have these calls go longer and you want that also, just make sure you officially close your call at 30 minutes and say if anybody wants to stay longer they can but the video call is officially over for everyone else.

Journey Group Coordinators

⭐️North and South America Coordinator - Diana Bluthenthal

⭐️Other Continents Coordinator - Claudia Rose

We have two incredible world class Coordinators that are covering the global Journey Groups.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please email us first at team@lovesaysgo.com.

What To Do Now?

Here are the next steps you can start right away:

  1. Download the Leader’s Manual if you haven’t already and make sure you understand it.

  2. Look over the Group List to see who is in your group. NOTE: Please be flexible during the next week as we finalize the groups. This is the initial group list and we have some students that we are still trying to find placement for and we may need to add them to your group. Thank YOU!

  3. Start following the instructions in the Leader’s Manual to connect with your students and get your Journey Group set up.

  4. Find a day and time that works for your group and let your regional Coordinator know when that is.

We will give you more instructions once we get all the Journey Groups connected.


Journey group manual.png

(List updated: Nov 12th, 2am PST)