Incredible Creative Miracle: God uses the board game Operation!

operatin game.jpg

One of our incredible Love Says Go Academy alumni, Tom Schermitzler, just shared this incredible Jesus miracle story. Recently, Tom was in a meeting and saw a picture in his mind of the old board game “Operation”. He felt the Holy Spirit prompting him that someone in that meeting, or a relative, had holes in their body that God wanted to fill back up.

Tom shared this with the group. A lady near Tom raised her hand and said, "I am heartbroken about my sister in law, she has been suffering recently with heart problems and a hole in her lung. She is on an oxygen machine with tubes inside of her keeping her lungs inflated. They will need to take her off the oxygen tomorrow and we need the hole to be filled in."

Tom had everyone gather around this lady to pray for her sister in law.

The next day the lady wrote back to Tom, “We woke up this morning to a text saying that my sister in law's heart rate had normalized sometime during the night. Then a few hours later, we got a message saying that she is breathing on her own, without the help of any machine. Also, the doctor had said they were confused because she had a cavity in her lung that was now filled in!”

The hole in her lung had completely disappeared, there was no more hole in her lung! Glory to King Jesus!!

Jesus is the creative miracle working God! Let's not shy away from what may look impossible because God is with us! Yay Jesus!! 

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