The MAIN purpose of the Gospel


Let's not be deceived,
Hell is just as real as Heaven.

Some today are trying to erase Hell because of God’s great love. That is a HUGE demonic deception and a grave error. God’s great love provided a way to escape hell through Jesus. God’s love is proven by JESUS! (Romans 5:8)

Some also make missing Hell and gaining Heaven at the end of one’s life as the main reason to repent and be born again (John 3). I believe this is vitally important but not still the main reason of the gospel. (An eternal life insurance policy)

The MAIN central point I see in the gospel is that God, through Jesus Christ, is reconciling (reconnecting) us to Himself for the purpose of relationship NOW and giving us “eternal life”.

The bible says that "eternal life" is in fact, intimately "knowing God" (John 17:3).

Our reconnected relationship and union with God Himself, through our entire life, is the MAIN point of our salvation!

The good news I preach is that "eternal life" starts NOW!

When we repent and become born again this NEW eternal life in Christ begins that very second and never, never ends! Hallelujah!!

Eternity begins with Jesus and never ends in Jesus! Now that is good news!

Hell is a very real place just as Heaven is. 
This also I adimetily preach. When you die there are only two eternal positions, you are either found: “In Christ” or “Apart from Christ”. There are NO other other options.

To die apart from Christ, there is a very real place of torment and separation from God, “Hell”. (I will not take time to explain Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, the Lake of Fire).

To die in Christ there is everlasting union with God, joy, celebration, “Heaven”!

I praise God that He has made a way for every person to gain eternal life, connection to God Himself right now, not just after we die but today, right now!

Salvation is the greatest miracle of all and it is for today, now and forever! (2 Cor 6:2)

So today, I implore you choose eternal life NOW, be reconciled to God in Christ alone! Repent and be saved!!! Hallelujah!