Dullness of heart or hearing? [ Helpful Tip ]


I believe we have all, at times experienced a sense of dullness or sluggishness of heart in our spiritual walk with God. When you feel like your time of prayer or reading God’s word is sooo boring, tedious and lifeless. God’s voice seems so distant and your God vision becomes less clear, confused and foggy. 

I see it similar to driving a car on a rainy day and the windshield begins to fog up. Your vision starts to become less and less clear and the road ahead becomes less discernible. In that moment, what do you do?

You look for that window defrost button, you push it and turn up the fan blower. You take action! In the same way, I feel when sluggishness of heart and soul starts to creep in and fog up, we have some options, where we can take action too!

For the last week or so, I could sense my overall passion in God seemed a bit “off”. My prayer times were more from a place of duty rather than than joy. Even my excitement for the gospel was less ablaze than normal and I felt dull of heart and hearing.

So I said to myself, “Jason, something is off and something has to change.” God didn’t speak to me, I spoke to myself, “Jason, You need to do something about this!”

I could sense that the windshield of my soul was starting to fog up and that I needed to find that defrost button quick and push it!

In fogginess of heart moments like this, I have found 2 powerful “Action Steps” that really can help me get my spirit charged back up in God and my heart vision more clear.

  • # 1 PRAYING IN TOUNGES. Jude 1:20 says, “Building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit.” Kenneth Hagin says this word “building up” is a word that really means to “charge up” like a battery. I like that!

I enjoy less active “Lamb type” of receiving prayer, resting in God’s love, meditative prayer. But our spirit also needs the “Lion type” of active, more aggressive Holy Spirit tongues.

  • #2 FASTING. (Oh boy I could hear you cringe already) Ha ha, Yes fasting...food. I know some of you have health issues and can only fast other things but fasting is very biblical and powerful and yes, it is even “New Covenant” theology. (Acts 13:3)

So yesterday, I decided to start a 3 day water fast and to pray in tongues as much as possible. I woke up early and forced myself to pray in tongues for 1 hour, as my mind drifted much. I actually tried to pray in tongues throughout the entire day, quietly under my breath. You should try this sometime, It is really quite powerful. Even as I lay in bed last night, I prayed myself to sleep in tongues.

Today, only after 1 day, my spirit windshield has defrosted so much and my spirit is really charging back up. I can tell the sluggishness of heart has really diminished and God’s voice is more clear and my Jesus passion has more fire too!

Sometimes our foggy and sometimes lazy soul needs a good Holy Spirit defrosting, with some “good ole” fashioned,  fasting and Holy Spirit tongues! Hallelujah!!

I realize this [ Helpful Tip ] is really simple and basic, but It may be just what you need, like I did. I am actually, right now, praying in tongues under my breath as I write this, and I am enjoying it! Ha ha

Much Love and God's Best, Jason