❤️These 6 wonderful young men ALL get saved in Basel, Switzerland!!

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These 6 amazing young men were leaving the Coop corner store and God really put it in my heart to share Jesus with them.

Myself, Debby's father (Papi) and my friend Rouven shared with this group about how 'real' Jesus is and how He radically changed all our lives!!

We talked about a powerful loving Jesus that does miracles today and healings and gives a brand new life. About sin and forgiveness ONLY by the blood of Jesus. 

We shared how they can become born again in Christ and become 'followers of Jesus!" All these incredible young men were so hungry and attentive to every word that they were listening to. 

Then we shared that God says, "Today is the day for salvation, not tomorrow but today!" And asked them who would like to begin this New life in God right here, right now?

One brave young man started and said, "I do". We asked the next guy "and you?" "I do too," he said. Each young man one by one said, "I do too". We did not pressure any of them, they all "wanted Jesus" you could see it in their eyes!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. When the word of God is preached Faith comes. Faith to be saved was in their eyes! 

Right outside this corner store on a normal Sunday evening "Papi" (Debby's dad) lead all these young men (who are all cousins by the way) to the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ and received His purifying blood that washes away EVERY SIN, SICKNESS, and SHAME!

They all asked for forgiveness of their sins and received JESUS CHRIST as their VICTORIOUS REIGNING KING!! Hallelujah!!! Praise King Jesus, the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!! 

They now all had big smiles and thanked us for taking the time to share Jesus with them. Their eyes looked different now! One young man grabbed my arm, looked into my eyes and intently said, "thank you for this!"

We gave them some material about being a follower of Jesus and about learning more about Jesus in the bible. We gave contact info to follow up and share more with our new family members about a new wonderful life in Christ! 

Friends, I have no idea of these young men's backstories but I have a beautiful glimpse into their glorious future in Christ now!

We are carriers of the MOST precious cargo this planet has to offer "the very presence of Jesus Himself". More worthwhile than the best diamonds at Tiffany's. We carry "God Himself" and we have THE GREATEST PRIVILEGE to get to share JESUS with the whole entire world! Yay for that!

❤️Hallelujah and All Praise to KING JESUS!!

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