Salvation over Mcdonald's Fries 🍟


This happened at the train station in Salzburg, Austria.

I love how the simple yet profound gospel of Jesus Christ works everywhere (even in Mcdonald's) in power!

My friend Philipp and I saw a young man in Mcdonald's and we felt to let him know that Jesus loves him.

I was asking the Holy Spirit for a word of knowledge but nothing came. So we said hello and told him how much God loves him. He said he didn't know if he believed there was a God or not.

I shared my personal Jesus salvation testimony in a couple minutes and then we shared the simple gospel of salvation through Christ alone.

This young man's eyes were really hungry with everything that we shared about the gospel!

We asked if he would also like to receive the forgiveness of his sins and start a new relationship with Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!

He said, "yes I would like that" so at the restaurant table in the McDonald's restaurant this young man meets His Creator, Savior and now Father! Hallelujah Jesus! ❀️πŸ”₯

There is saving power in our personal salvation testimony and the simple and profound gospel of Jesus Christ!

We head to Moscow Russia in a couple weeks to see Jesus be glorified! We get to preach the gospel in a couple nightclubs! Please pray for our time there. 


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