Jesus Miracles in Basel Switzerland

(Watch the short 4 minute video)

This was a great, fun day in God! Yesterday, two friends and I went to share Jesus with people in Basel, Switzerland. We saw Jesus heal a lady’s back at Starbucks, after we got a word of knowledge for her. We got to share Jesus with her and her son as we drank our wonderful coffee! (wink wink)

Later, we went into the city, and Rouven and Claude saw a man with a boot cast. He was not open to receive prayer even though his wife keep telling him, "You should let them pray for you!" haha. Next, we went to the market, and then these Jesus miracles that you will see in the video above happened. Yay God!

Next we saw a man who was walking really slowly. He had just been released from the hospital and had been battling a deadly disease. We first bought him some food; then, we asked if we could pray for his healing. He sat in the same chair that the ladies from farmers market sat in. The Filipino lady who owns this farmers stand was very happy to let us use her chair to pray for the man. We felt a afflicting spirit leave the man as we prayed.

As our time came to an end, God told me that the short time we took to love this man with the love of Jesus may have saved his life. Even though we may not see all the immediate results we want to in the moment, we are to use our lives to bring life and freedom to others in Jesus name! We have the greatest privilege and honor to sow seeds of God's great kingdom, His love, and His power!


I also had the privilege to met Salvatore at this great 'tasty' ice cream stand. Rouven and Claude met him a few weeks ago and prayed for his back. Salvatore was raised Catholic. My friends explained how to personally receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and he prayed the prayer of salvation. Salvatore also told us that since they had prayed for him, he had not experience any more pain in his back his back. His back was completely healed by Jesus! Praise God! JESUS IS KING!

Let's shine bright with Jesus!

😃Bless you, Jason Chin

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