'NEW! ⚡️ Word of Knowledge Supernatural Training ⚡️

We are really excited to share this with you!

We just finished and uploaded our newest training session on Holy Spirit Word of Knowledge. This is a supernatural training video where we teach and then have a fun activation!

We uploaded our first Word of knowledge YouTube video around 5 years ago. It was filmed in my bedroom with a free camera and a white bed-sheet tacked to the wall. I felt God asked me to make that video, so we did. Since then people in 196 nations have watched it! It is amazing how Jesus will bless whatever we do that is offered to Him! Praise Jesus!

We are very thankful that we just uploaded a new and improved training video that we now offer to you. 😃 We pray Jesus anoints this video to His glory!

Words of knowledge are supernatural factual details. They may be used to discern a healing need or an illness or pain in someone's body. They can be personal details like someone's name, birthday, age, occupation, or other factual details about his or her life.

Words of knowledge can relate to the present or the past. Prophecy relates to the future. (Our new prophecy video will be available soon!)

In this training session, we cover what a word of knowledge is, some biblical examples of it, and then we have fun practicing to receive them!

We pray this training video will help you get activated in hearing God's voice even more clearly!

❤️ Bless you, Jason Chin and Love Says Go team!


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