We got to open air share Jesus to hundreds at a bike market just now! A girl gets saved!

This was my best attempt to share Jesus in German at the bicycle fair minutes before it opened 😳haha!! Jesus liebt dich! (Boy I messed up the German) oh well I did my best 😜 I'm glad God is great at his job so we don't have to be perfect in our delivery.

After I turned the camera off I was able to share some of my personal salvation testimony for another minute before they opened the doors.

I went to this bike fair with my wonderful "mother in love" and after we found a great bike we saw a girl outside with crutches by the food.

The girls name is Deborah (18 years old) was recently in the hospital. She had a foot infection pain that will not seem to heal. Her pain was at a level 7 out of 10. We prayed for her healing 4 times and then pain went down to a 3 or 4 and she said she felt tingling in her foot "like something was happening in there". She was surprised.

I shared my Jesus salvation testimony and asked if she ever heard about why Jesus died on a cross. She said "no". We shared the simple gospel like how Adam brought sin a deadly sickness that infected the whole earth and the blood of Jesus is the only antidote for that sickness. We shared how you can have the best medicine right next to you and if you don't take the lid off and receive it, it does you no benefit. ( I think I got that analogy from Chris Overstreet or Reinhard Bonnke) maybe both 👍🏼

We asked if she would like to also receive the free gift of salvation. She said "yes, I would like that" She received Jesus and she felt "peace". We talked more about what following Jesus means and gave her our contact info so we can share more about being a follower of Jesus!

A lot of times we may think if the pain doesn't leave 100% right then or goes down just a bit it maybe takes away from the witness of Jesus in that moment. I have found the testimony of Jesus and sharing the gospel "IS the power of God unto salvation!" And Love Never Ever Fails!

We have seen so many people open their hearts to Jesus and get saved after many "incorrect" words of knowledge or whatever else we tried didn't seem to work but we just asked "can I share what Jesus did for me...?"

Boy the Holy Spirit is the greatest evangelist if we can just choose to open our heart to share Jesus with others!

I also expect miracles to happen right away cause that's the model and example that Jesus showed us and told us to follow. ❤️ we the body of Christ are growing in this! Praise God! We haven't arrived yet in experience to the standard but we're getting closer all the time!

We also felt an impression over her life that she was good with children and she says that is what she is in her apprentice school for is "children"! Yay!

Praise Jesus!! Our heart is to also baptize people in water at time of repentance and baptize in Holy Spirit too! Salvation is a bundle package!! More on that later ❤️

Love you and let's give the world CHRIST in US. He is good at His job so we just get to keep "trying, practicing and growing WITH HIM!" Whuuhoo JESUS!!