A Full-Service Urgent Care that Prays for the Sick!

One of our awesome Love Says Go Academy graduates Paul G. recently told us about a very special place on earth that he works at. It is a full service urgent care facility with doctors and nurses that also employs a prayer ministry staff that offers healing prayer in Jesus name to their patients. I had no idea that such a place existed that offers medical service along with supernatural healing. Praise Jesus! 

The facility is in Omaha Nebraska. It's a full service urgent care clinic with doctors offices. They have 9 patient rooms, 5 nurses and 2 PA's. Every patient is asked if they want prayer at check-in, then again by the nurses once they get to their room.

If they answer "yes", they call one of their healing pastors (Like Paul) on the intercom and they pray for them. Paul says about 80% of the time the prayer request is for physical healing and the rest of the time it's for family/finances, etc.

Jesus heals patient's physical bodies in this clinic and also patients receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior right there! Praise God, this is amazing!!

One fun recent testimony that Paul shared. Paul had prayed for a lady with scoliosis right after a doctor took X-rays of her spine. Paul had her sit in a chair and checked her leg alignment and they were out of alignment because of scoliosis. One leg was shorter than the other. Paul prayed and Jesus straightened her spine which made her legs even. The lady was shocked! Then Paul left.

The doctor came in next looking at her X-rays and then checked to see her leg's alignment and was perplexed that they were even. The X-rays showed that she had scoliosis in her lower spine and one leg should be shorter than the other one. 

The doctor asked, "Did pastor Paul come and see you before I did?" 

She replied, "Yes"

The doctor, "Did he have the Lord grow your leg out?"

Lady, "Um...yes."

Doctor, "Because, according to your X-ray, your left leg should be about an inch shorter than your right leg."

A couple minutes later the doctor asked Paul to wait to pray until after he sees the patients for better documentation. Haha that's a fun story!

Praise Jesus that supernatural healing is being offered in this medical center. I pray this will be one of countless others in the future! I thank God for natural medicine that helps people and I thank God for the supernatural power of Jesus to heal, save and deliver! Hallelujah!

God is invading all aspects of society with His kingdom, love and power!

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