These 4 precious girls say "YES" to Jesus!

Jesus instantly healed the girl with the glasses hand, it was wrapped up in a bandage and she could barely move it. God healed it...Praise Jesus!!

We also shared Jesus and loved on these precious God-loved people too: a man who said he hates God and Christians, a Catholic priest, a kind muslin lady (only spoke French), the Starbucks girls we shared our testimonies with as we got our coffee...(yes Starbucks, I'm still American at heart), a new age believing lady who has tried many religions (we shared why 'only' Jesus) she felt "positive energy" from us but had to go, a kind Italian man looking through the trash getting bottles. He also asked Jesus to save him after hearing the gospel.

What I saw last night was a sea of humanity, with so many beliefs and life's experiences. We shared the same gospel of love, power and salvation to them all and had so many varying responses.

What I saw was the radical love of Father God that doesn't look at their heart condition or their 'yes' or 'no' to determine what He chooses towards them.

He has already made His decision 'For Them' 2000 years ago through Jesus! He loves people! He wants them, ALL OF THEM!! I repeat "ALL OF THEM!! ❤️He invites and welcomes them to His family just as they are in that moment. What He is saying is "I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU!!" "Will you say yes back to my love?" He desires that ALL come to the knowledge of salvation! (1 Timothy 2:4)

It's the most precious and holy thing to be able share Jesus with the world.

No matter what we see...someone told us to "F" off last night, or the 4 girls hearing the gospel for the first time and saying yes to Jesus, and eveything in-between. Our motive of love and our actions can stay the same...we preach the radical good news of Jesus...we can demonstrate Jesus' love and His power...we can ask to see "the world" through His eyes 😍and we can loudly declare HIS GREAT LOVE FOR THEM through JESUS!! And give a lot of hugs in between!!

Father God is saying to ALL of humanity "YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM LOVING YOU!!"❤️

Fun side note: the angry man that told us to "f" off we said, "we can't wait to see you next time and tell you again of GOD'S love for you!" We saw him again as we walked home and again we said how much Jesus loves him and again he said some "choice words" for us. We replied, "we hope to see you tomorrow 'friend' looking forward to it!" Love doesn't look on the outside or at peoples response it see beyond that and sees priceless 'value' in every person that is created in the image of God! Yay Jesus!!