❤️This just happened! Jesus the Healer and Savior!

Praise Jesus!!!

We went to a little coffee shop after church and the lovely lady on the right with darker hair was our waitress. I heard Holy Spirit whisper to my heart "she has back pain and the other blonde lady (the manager) has a knee/leg problem.

So with my friend Rouven we asked and they both said "yes" that was true and they were very surprised asking "how do you know?". We shared Jesus with them and asked when they were caught up serving the other tables we would be so honored to pray for them to be healed.

5 minutes later our waitress came over and took us to a private place to pray for her. Rouven and I went with my wife's mom to pray with her. She has had back pain constantly for 2 years and has been seeing a doctor because of it. After 1 prayer 30% better, 2 prayers 70% better, 3 prayer she felt Holy Spirit heat and something like wind swirling around inside her. She smiled so bright and she was 90% Better!

We said she would be 100% better in just a minute. We asked if she has received Jesus as her savior. She said she was a follower of Jesus and has received Him as savior already. We all hugged and my mom in law got her number so she can invite her to an upcoming ladies meeting.

Before we got back to our table she says she was "perfect" 100% healed! Her face was radiant with GOD'S presence and she excitedly told her manager that she was healed!! The manager looked to us with a look saying "I'm next!"!! Haha come on Jesus!

A few minutes later the manager grabbed us and took us to the same place to pray for the pain she gets in her legs from a vein problem. We prayed and she also felt heat and GOD'S presence. She wasn't in pain at that moment. We got a word of knowledge about a "fear of finances about her job". She was shocked! She couldn't believe it because in 3 months this restaurant is shutting down and she has worked there for 10 years. She has been so worried of what she would be doing next.

We prayed for her again and the Holy Spirit was really touching her. She was leaning against the wall because of GOD'S presence. She also said she could feel GOD'S presence so strong! Yay Holy Spirit!!

My father in law asked her about receiving Jesus as her Savior and she said she has never done that and would really like to! So this beautiful lady accepted Jesus as Savior and asked Him to make her brand new in Christ!! Come on Jesus!!

Both these two ladies were loved by Jesus the healer today and both these ladies will know Jesus as their Savior for ALL of Eternity!! Praise Jesus!!

Tomorrow we plan to have coffee there again and bring the wonderful manager a bible :) cause she said she wants to start reading it!! We hope to continue to meet up and help them become followers of Jesus!! Yay God!!!

P.s. Latte macchiato's always taste better in GOD'S presence!! Whoohuuu Jesus!!