❤️European Bride - Jesus loves you and so do we! Jesus is after you and so are we!!❤️

Yesterday my friend Arnaud and I went across the border to Germany to hang out and go shopping.

In the mall the lady pictured had Jesus heal her knees. She was so shocked! She only spoke French so there was a a pretty big language gap but she said she had Jesus living in her heart. At one point she grabbed my hand and put it on her head for a blessing. Arnaud prayed for her daughter too.

We asked Holy Spirit for some details for the young man in the kiosk. We were asking God for his name. The first two we asked were wrong then he said it starts with an "A" then we asked if it was Andrey it was. 

We started telling him about Jesus and he said he doesn't believe in Jesus anymore. He grew up in an orthodox church but has long changed his beliefs. Arnaud asked if he needed healing in his chest. He said his throat and stomach needed healing. When Arnaud prayed the young man he was so surprised because he said "it feels warm!" 

We got to share about what a real thriving relationship with God looks like for us apart from just religious tradition. We talked to him for a long time and invited him to come back to Jesus. He thanked us and said he will think on what we shared.

Next we got on the bus and started talking to the 3 young people dressed up in the costumes. It is carnival week in Basel so a lot of people dress up this week. More about carnival here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_of_Basel

We asked if they had any "schmerzen" (pain) in their bodies. The girl in the pink says her back was pain 3-4. They had to get off the bus right then so we decided to get off the bus too. Even though that was not our stop.

We prayed for her and Jesus made the pain a "0" she said "what the F###!" She couldn't believe it. She said, "It is really warm too!"

We explained how that is the Spirit of Jesus that she is feeling and shared the gospel of salvation and asked if they wanted that . All three said yes they did!

Arnaud "in German" lead them in a decision for Christ! Yay Jesus! We got their contact info to follow up with them. Yay God! :) 

We got back on the bus and it was sooo packed that we barely fit. We felt to open air preach GOD'S radical love and we prayed for hope for all of them. 

When we got off, a father with his young daughter sitting on his shoulders came up to us and said "hallelujah thank you for what you shared on the bus!"

Thank you Jesus for your great love, power and plan for all of Europe to be saved and adopted into your Great BIG family!! Come on Jesus!!