This Coke bottle God-story blew my mind!

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This over the top, God testimony is one of my ALL-TIME favorites for many reasons!!

It comes from my dear friend, Terry Spencer, who is a former Love Says Go Academy graduate and now the director of operations at our school.

When Terry began as a first-semester student of LSGA, she was very new and unsure of what living a supernatural life of love might look like for her. Now, three years later, her Jesus-life shines brightly, and she encourages so many of us to believe God for even more. Terry now lives a radical life of love and risk in order to see others get touched by Jesus. God commonly gives Terry very specific details about people's lives: she routinely gets what she calls “God nudges” that reveal details like personal birthdays and sometimes names, too.

In the testimony that follows, God uses Coca-Cola bottles to lead Terry to speak to His treasure-in-waiting. It is a story that is over-the-top awesome!! And, I pray that this fun, out-of-the-box experience, as well as Terry’s willing life, will continue to be an encouragement to us all …

Terry, in sharing her testimony, writes, “Oh my wow!! So, today I am with my dad at the hospital as he gets a follow up scan. While he was getting his scan done, I went to go find something to drink. When I looked in the first vending machine the  bottles with ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Joseph’ stood out to me. So I took a picture with my phone.

“That machine was not working, so I went to another floor and found another vending machine. Another Coke bottle had the name ‘Jennifer’ on it and the bottle next to it had the name ‘Price’ on it. This definitely had my attention now.

“So I get my drink, and head back to the waiting room. There I see a lady drinking a Coke, Hmm...Could it be? I stroll over and casually ask her, “Hi, I’m Terry, and you are ... ?” just being friendly and all. Lol. She says her name is Jennifer. Wait! What? I asked her if her last name is Price by chance? Jennifer says, “Why yes, Price is my last name” What! No flipping way! Haha! That is SO WILD! This blew my mind!

“I showed Jennifer the pics I took of the Coke bottles with the names ‘Jennifer’ ‘Price’ and ‘Joseph’ on them and how God led me to her. I asked her if Joseph meant anything to her. Yes, haha, of course it did!

“Jennifer said that Joseph is her husband, who has cancer and nothing seems to be working to treat that. Oh my heart!

“I ask if I can pray for Joseph, and she agrees. We pray and commanded that cancer to go! I also told her that this was also God's way of showing her that He sees the details of their lives and is in this with them. They are not alone and are very much loved! She seemed pretty blown away by this whole experience... as was I!!

“I so love how God speaks to us through out of the box ways … Even through Coke bottles. Wow!”

Come on Jesus!!!!