The MAIN purpose of the Gospel


Let's not be deceived,
Hell is just as real as Heaven.

Some today are trying to erase Hell because of God’s great love. That is a HUGE demonic deception and a grave error. God’s great love provided a way to escape hell through Jesus. God’s love is proven by JESUS! (Romans 5:8)

Some also make missing Hell and gaining Heaven at the end of one’s life as the main reason to repent and be born again (John 3). I believe this is vitally important but not still the main reason of the gospel. (An eternal life insurance policy)

The MAIN central point I see in the gospel is that God, through Jesus Christ, is reconciling (reconnecting) us to Himself for the purpose of relationship NOW and giving us “eternal life”.

The bible says that "eternal life" is in fact, intimately "knowing God" (John 17:3).

Our reconnected relationship and union with God Himself, through our entire life, is the MAIN point of our salvation!

The good news I preach is that "eternal life" starts NOW!

When we repent and become born again this NEW eternal life in Christ begins that very second and never, never ends! Hallelujah!!

Eternity begins with Jesus and never ends in Jesus! Now that is good news!

Hell is a very real place just as Heaven is. 
This also I adimetily preach. When you die there are only two eternal positions, you are either found: “In Christ” or “Apart from Christ”. There are NO other other options.

To die apart from Christ, there is a very real place of torment and separation from God, “Hell”. (I will not take time to explain Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, the Lake of Fire).

To die in Christ there is everlasting union with God, joy, celebration, “Heaven”!

I praise God that He has made a way for every person to gain eternal life, connection to God Himself right now, not just after we die but today, right now!

Salvation is the greatest miracle of all and it is for today, now and forever! (2 Cor 6:2)

So today, I implore you choose eternal life NOW, be reconciled to God in Christ alone! Repent and be saved!!! Hallelujah!

Jesus loves Russia ❤️! Many miracles of healing, salvations and deliverance!

moscow people.jpg

My friend Shawn Brann invited me on an incredible Russian ministry trip. We traveled to 3 cities by plane and spoke at a conference, local churches, a night club church, and a youth gathering. We just got home and we saw Jesus do the most incredible things there! I am truly amazed and impacted by a move of God that is happening in Russia!

A Russian Church Movement

russia church 2.jpg

The Russian church movement that we ministered at has planted over 3,600 church since the iron curtain fell in 1991. One lead pastor named Ivan is the second person in charge leading this movement. In 1992 pastor Ivan lived in his car and would open-air preach in the central square in Moscow and crowds of 1,000 people would come, listen and many would respond to the gospel message! 

They planted 1,800 churches in the last 5 years and plan to have 10,000 churches established by the end of 2020. Almost all of these are from brand new converts! Praise Jesus! 

These Russian believers are so on fire and risk going to jail for preaching the gospel outside of a church. It was such an honor to meet them and encourage one another in Christ!

Miracles, Healing and Deliverance

girl eyes russia.jpg

We witnessed Jesus healing many in Russia.

This lovely girl pictured was losing her eyesight for the last 2 years. She could not see faces that were only 2 meters away, but after prayer, she could! Hallelujuah! She cried and testified what Jesus did for her!

Ringing in ears stopped, many knees, shoulders, backs, necks, and breathing problems healed. A lady had a crippling problem in her hands. She could not open and close her hands all the way. After prayer, she was healed by God! Mobility and movement in many body parts were restored and became pain-free.

We saw Jesus do the greatest miracles of all. Many were saved as they responded and said "yes" to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior for the very first time! All glory to King Jesus!

Evangelism in Public is Illegal


This was the first country I have ever visited where you can go to jail for sharing Jesus outside of a church. It is illegal to evangelize outside of a church building. 

Needless to say, this did not stop us. We shared Jesus to hotel receptionists, Uber drivers, a restaurant waitress received healing and was already a follower of Christ. 

We saw an incredible mini healing miracle service happen in a Russian souvenir shop. (Pictured here). 

We ended up getting to pray for 9 of the employees of this store because one man who we think was the owner or manager walked around and gathered up all the employees to be healed by Jesus after he witnessed the very first miracle. 

One guy started to swear "What the %#@!!!" He had a bad back and he could not believe that after prayer, he could now touch his toes pain-free. He said it has been over 4 years since he could bend over and do this.

We preached the simple and powerful gospel of salvation through Jesus alone. The manager or store owner said he wanted to have Jesus as his Lord and Savior. I wish you could see his face after he was born again! His eyes were so bright and the smile on his face I hope I will never forget!

We exchanged contact info to help him continue in his God walk. Yay Jesus! Every country is so special to God and it is such a huge privilege we get to share Jesus with the world! Hallelujuah! 

Thank you for all your love, prayers and support. We felt your prayers on this trip!

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MOre RUSSIA PIctures!

❤️These 6 wonderful young men ALL get saved in Basel, Switzerland!!

6 men saved.jpg

These 6 amazing young men were leaving the Coop corner store and God really put it in my heart to share Jesus with them.

Myself, Debby's father (Papi) and my friend Rouven shared with this group about how 'real' Jesus is and how He radically changed all our lives!!

We talked about a powerful loving Jesus that does miracles today and healings and gives a brand new life. About sin and forgiveness ONLY by the blood of Jesus. 

We shared how they can become born again in Christ and become 'followers of Jesus!" All these incredible young men were so hungry and attentive to every word that they were listening to. 

Then we shared that God says, "Today is the day for salvation, not tomorrow but today!" And asked them who would like to begin this New life in God right here, right now?

One brave young man started and said, "I do". We asked the next guy "and you?" "I do too," he said. Each young man one by one said, "I do too". We did not pressure any of them, they all "wanted Jesus" you could see it in their eyes!

Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. When the word of God is preached Faith comes. Faith to be saved was in their eyes! 

Right outside this corner store on a normal Sunday evening "Papi" (Debby's dad) lead all these young men (who are all cousins by the way) to the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ and received His purifying blood that washes away EVERY SIN, SICKNESS, and SHAME!

They all asked for forgiveness of their sins and received JESUS CHRIST as their VICTORIOUS REIGNING KING!! Hallelujah!!! Praise King Jesus, the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!! 

They now all had big smiles and thanked us for taking the time to share Jesus with them. Their eyes looked different now! One young man grabbed my arm, looked into my eyes and intently said, "thank you for this!"

We gave them some material about being a follower of Jesus and about learning more about Jesus in the bible. We gave contact info to follow up and share more with our new family members about a new wonderful life in Christ! 

Friends, I have no idea of these young men's backstories but I have a beautiful glimpse into their glorious future in Christ now!

We are carriers of the MOST precious cargo this planet has to offer "the very presence of Jesus Himself". More worthwhile than the best diamonds at Tiffany's. We carry "God Himself" and we have THE GREATEST PRIVILEGE to get to share JESUS with the whole entire world! Yay for that!

❤️Hallelujah and All Praise to KING JESUS!!

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Salvation over Mcdonald's Fries 🍟


This happened at the train station in Salzburg, Austria.

I love how the simple yet profound gospel of Jesus Christ works everywhere (even in Mcdonald's) in power!

My friend Philipp and I saw a young man in Mcdonald's and we felt to let him know that Jesus loves him.

I was asking the Holy Spirit for a word of knowledge but nothing came. So we said hello and told him how much God loves him. He said he didn't know if he believed there was a God or not.

I shared my personal Jesus salvation testimony in a couple minutes and then we shared the simple gospel of salvation through Christ alone.

This young man's eyes were really hungry with everything that we shared about the gospel!

We asked if he would also like to receive the forgiveness of his sins and start a new relationship with Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!

He said, "yes I would like that" so at the restaurant table in the McDonald's restaurant this young man meets His Creator, Savior and now Father! Hallelujah Jesus! ❤️🔥

There is saving power in our personal salvation testimony and the simple and profound gospel of Jesus Christ!

We head to Moscow Russia in a couple weeks to see Jesus be glorified! We get to preach the gospel in a couple nightclubs! Please pray for our time there. 


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Incredible Creative Miracle: God uses the board game Operation!

operatin game.jpg

One of our incredible Love Says Go Academy alumni, Tom Schermitzler, just shared this incredible Jesus miracle story. Recently, Tom was in a meeting and saw a picture in his mind of the old board game “Operation”. He felt the Holy Spirit prompting him that someone in that meeting, or a relative, had holes in their body that God wanted to fill back up.

Tom shared this with the group. A lady near Tom raised her hand and said, "I am heartbroken about my sister in law, she has been suffering recently with heart problems and a hole in her lung. She is on an oxygen machine with tubes inside of her keeping her lungs inflated. They will need to take her off the oxygen tomorrow and we need the hole to be filled in."

Tom had everyone gather around this lady to pray for her sister in law.

The next day the lady wrote back to Tom, “We woke up this morning to a text saying that my sister in law's heart rate had normalized sometime during the night. Then a few hours later, we got a message saying that she is breathing on her own, without the help of any machine. Also, the doctor had said they were confused because she had a cavity in her lung that was now filled in!”

The hole in her lung had completely disappeared, there was no more hole in her lung! Glory to King Jesus!!

Jesus is the creative miracle working God! Let's not shy away from what may look impossible because God is with us! Yay Jesus!! 

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Dullness of heart or hearing? [ Helpful Tip ]

I believe we have all, at times experienced a sense of dullness or sluggishness of heart in our spiritual walk with God. When you feel like your time of prayer or reading God’s word is sooo boring, tedious and lifeless. God’s voice seems so distant and your God vision becomes less clear, confused and foggy. 

I see it similar to driving a car on a rainy day and the windshield begins to fog up. Your vision starts to become less and less clear and the road ahead becomes less discernible. In that moment, what do you do?

You look for that window defrost button, you push it and turn up the fan blower. You take action! In the same way, I feel when sluggishness of heart and soul starts to creep in and fog up, we have some options, where we can take action too!

For the last week or so, I could sense my overall passion in God seemed a bit “off”. My prayer times were more from a place of duty rather than than joy. Even my excitement for the gospel was less ablaze than normal and I felt dull of heart and hearing.

So I said to myself, “Jason, something is off and something has to change.” God didn’t speak to me, I spoke to myself, “Jason, You need to do something about this!”

I could sense that the windshield of my soul was starting to fog up and that I needed to find that defrost button quick and push it!

In fogginess of heart moments like this, I have found 2 powerful “Action Steps” that really can help me get my spirit charged back up in God and my heart vision more clear.

  • # 1 PRAYING IN TOUNGES. Jude 1:20 says, “Building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit.” Kenneth Hagin says this word “building up” is a word that really means to “charge up” like a battery. I like that!

I enjoy less active “Lamb type” of receiving prayer, resting in God’s love, meditative prayer. But our spirit also needs the “Lion type” of active, more aggressive Holy Spirit tongues.

  • #2 FASTING. (Oh boy I could hear you cringe already) Ha ha, Yes I know some of you have health issues and can only fast other things but fasting is very biblical and powerful and yes, it is even “New Covenant” theology. (Acts 13:3)

So yesterday, I decided to start a 3 day water fast and to pray in tongues as much as possible. I woke up early and forced myself to pray in tongues for 1 hour, as my mind drifted much. I actually tried to pray in tongues throughout the entire day, quietly under my breath. You should try this sometime, It is really quite powerful. Even as I lay in bed last night, I prayed myself to sleep in tongues.

Today, only after 1 day, my spirit windshield has defrosted so much and my spirit is really charging back up. I can tell the sluggishness of heart has really diminished and God’s voice is more clear and my Jesus passion has more fire too!

Sometimes our foggy and sometimes lazy soul needs a good Holy Spirit defrosting, with some “good ole” fashioned,  fasting and Holy Spirit tongues! Hallelujah!!

I realize this [ Helpful Tip ] is really simple and basic, but It may be just what you need, like I did. I am actually, right now, praying in tongues under my breath as I write this, and I am enjoying it! Ha ha

Much Love and God's Best, Jason

🔥Miracles at a high school and 15-20 youth receive Jesus!🔥


This Incredible Jesus testimony comes from my friend Becky Babcock in Argentina.

Fernanda, pictured far left, is one of the students at the Supernatural School.  She is an English teacher at a Catholic high school in Buenos Aires.  During recess she was sitting in the gymnasium, reading "Love Says Go" by Jason Chin.  She had just finished reading a testimony when she looked up and saw a group of girls in the corner of the gym.  Immediately, she felt Holy Spirit prompt her to go and ask the girls if any of them had pain in their bodies.  At first, she tried to ignore the prompting, but eventually she gave in and muttered, "Holy Spirit, I hope you back me up on this!"

She walked over to the group, introduced herself and then said, "I know this might sound weird, but I'm learning to hear the voice of God.  I think He told me to come over and ask if any of you have pain in your body."  Everyone looked at her like she was crazy.  Then one girl mentioned that she had back pain and another girl commented that she had pain in her knee.  Fernanda explained that she believes in Jesus and His power to heal.  The girl with knee pain didn't believe in God, but was willing to receive prayer.

"I'm going to pray for you so that you can see what God is really like," Fernanda told them.  As she was talking, more students stopped to see what was going on.  First, Fernanda prayed for the girl with back pain and all the pain left immediately.  Everyone was shocked!  Then she had the girl who had just been healed pray for the one with knee pain.  She was also completely healed and began to do deep-knee bends as evidence of her healing.

That's when all heaven broke loose!  One person said, "Please pray for me, too, because I don't have an arch in my foot and I have constant pain there."  She took off her shoe and sock, they prayed, and the arch was formed right in front of their eyes.  The pain also left.  By this time there was about 15-20 students, some standing on near-by benches to try to see what was going on.  More people wanted prayer, but Fernanda felt the Holy Spirit prompt her to stop praying for healing and tell them about Jesus. 

"This same Jesus who lives in me wants to have an encounter with you, and live in your heart as well.  He doesn't just want to heal your bodies, He wants to be with you all the time, giving you encounters with Him every day."  One of the girls said, "Wow, I want that!"  Fernanda asked if anyone else wanted to pray a prayer with her to accept Jesus.  EVERYONE raised their hands and prayed to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

Miracles reveal the nature of God.  When these girls saw what Jesus is really like, they all wanted more of Him.  He truly is the desire of the nations!

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This Coke bottle God-story blew my mind!

coke 1.jpg
coke 2.jpg
coke 3.jpg

This over the top, God testimony is one of my ALL-TIME favorites for many reasons!!

It comes from my dear friend, Terry Spencer, who is a former Love Says Go Academy graduate and now the director of operations at our school.

When Terry began as a first-semester student of LSGA, she was very new and unsure of what living a supernatural life of love might look like for her. Now, three years later, her Jesus-life shines brightly, and she encourages so many of us to believe God for even more. Terry now lives a radical life of love and risk in order to see others get touched by Jesus. God commonly gives Terry very specific details about people's lives: she routinely gets what she calls “God nudges” that reveal details like personal birthdays and sometimes names, too.

In the testimony that follows, God uses Coca-Cola bottles to lead Terry to speak to His treasure-in-waiting. It is a story that is over-the-top awesome!! And, I pray that this fun, out-of-the-box experience, as well as Terry’s willing life, will continue to be an encouragement to us all …

Terry, in sharing her testimony, writes, “Oh my wow!! So, today I am with my dad at the hospital as he gets a follow up scan. While he was getting his scan done, I went to go find something to drink. When I looked in the first vending machine the  bottles with ‘Jennifer’ and ‘Joseph’ stood out to me. So I took a picture with my phone.

“That machine was not working, so I went to another floor and found another vending machine. Another Coke bottle had the name ‘Jennifer’ on it and the bottle next to it had the name ‘Price’ on it. This definitely had my attention now.

“So I get my drink, and head back to the waiting room. There I see a lady drinking a Coke, Hmm...Could it be? I stroll over and casually ask her, “Hi, I’m Terry, and you are ... ?” just being friendly and all. Lol. She says her name is Jennifer. Wait! What? I asked her if her last name is Price by chance? Jennifer says, “Why yes, Price is my last name” What! No flipping way! Haha! That is SO WILD! This blew my mind!

“I showed Jennifer the pics I took of the Coke bottles with the names ‘Jennifer’ ‘Price’ and ‘Joseph’ on them and how God led me to her. I asked her if Joseph meant anything to her. Yes, haha, of course it did!

“Jennifer said that Joseph is her husband, who has cancer and nothing seems to be working to treat that. Oh my heart!

“I ask if I can pray for Joseph, and she agrees. We pray and commanded that cancer to go! I also told her that this was also God's way of showing her that He sees the details of their lives and is in this with them. They are not alone and are very much loved! She seemed pretty blown away by this whole experience... as was I!!

“I so love how God speaks to us through out of the box ways … Even through Coke bottles. Wow!”

Come on Jesus!!!!

My Recent Dream..."about hell"

In the morning hours of July 22, I was lying in bed and fell back into a dream. In the dream I saw a kitchen floor that was missing one floor tile. Also in the dream I heard a voice, which I knew was God, saying to me, “billion souls are going to hell … Don’t cover it up.”

(Note: It was either “a billion” or “billions;” I could not recall exactly when I awoke)

I knew that the missing floor tile represented something that was going to be swept under the tile to be “covered up” like sweeping dirt under a carpet. I do not recall God ever speaking to me in a dream about hell before.


In certain time periods God likes to reveal and emphasize different attributes of Himself. Currently, in this season, I believe the Holy Spirit is highlighting Father God and especially “His goodness.” Even our songs are reflecting it:

“You're a good, good father
It's who you are, it's who you are, it's who you are
And I'm loved by you
It's who I am, it's who I am, it's who I am …” (Chris Tomlin)

In the early 1900s a clearer picture of the Holy Spirit was brought to the church beginning with the Azusa street revival and followed by others.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Jesus was a big focus through the Jesus Movement. In fact, most current, full time pastors in America were saved during the Jesus Movement time period.

In the last several years there has been a focus on the “father’s heart” aspect of God. The radical love of Father God is getting clearer and clearer. I am so thankful for this! My life has been transformed by getting a greater revelation of how good God is, how much Father God loves me and even likes me! Wow!

With all of this incredible revelation of Father God’s love and His nature that is getting “uncovered” in this hour, I see some starting to “cover up” biblical truths that may seem inconsistent or uncomfortable with God’s love such as “hell”.  (Note: for the sake of a shorter article, I do not differentiate between: hell, gehenna and sheol)

Again, what God spoke in my dream was, “billion souls are going to hell … Don’t cover it up.”

I believe God gave me this dream because of a current, false teaching referred to as “Universal Reconciliation” through Jesus. This idea teaches that every person, through Christ, will eventually not experience ‘hell’ and will be fully restored back to the Father in heaven. Some go as far as to teach and believe that fallen angels and Satan, himself, will be fully restored back to God.

This doctirne is trying to erase Hell because of God’s great love. That is a HUGE demonic deception and a grave error. God’s great love provided a way to escape hell through Jesus. God’s love is proven by JESUS! (Romans 5:8)

This Universal Reconciliation viewpoint is unbiblical, damaging and completely a false doctrine. Heaven and hell are both very much acknowledged in the word of God.

With that being said, there is a biblical salvation plan that is, in fact, “universal” to all mankind. There are many verses that speak about a “universal” reconciliation plan through Jesus. These verses show God universally made a way of reconciliation for the entire world.

“The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” - John 1:29

“This is why we work hard and continue to struggle, for our hope is in the living God, who is the Savior of all people and particularly of all believers”. - 1 Timothy 4:10

These verses state that, through Jesus Christ, God universally poured out His “grace to be saved” to ALL mankind. Basically, God has said to all mankind, “I love you! You are soooo valuable! Will you choose me back? Will you join me in a covenant relationship (marriage) and become one with me?”

Jesus has now universally made EVERYONE “Save-able” and “Restore-able” back to Father God and back into the original design of their created value … back into ”The image of God!”


The Bible says that we are saved “by grace ... through faith”- Ephesians 2:8,9

“Universally,” God has poured out His grace to ALL flesh; however, “individually” we must all respond to that grace with either belief or unbelief-- a “yes” or a “no.”

God, from before the foundation of the earth, chose a BIG, “YES … I choose YOU!” towards us through Jesus. He now eagerly and hopefully awaits a “YES … I choose You back!” reply on our end.

Everything is now provided to us by “grace,” but there is a part that we also play by saying “yes” to God’s offer of salvation, which is “faith” or “believing” the gospel of Jesus.

The whole New Testament shows the disciples “preaching the gospel of God’s grace” so that some might believe and be saved. Most gave their lives to martyrdom because of the intensity and importance of this incredible good news message.

We see clearly see through scripture that there MUST be a response in man’s heart to the “good news” for the remission of sins.

We see a clear picture of what this looks like throughout the book of Acts. The gospel is preached and there is a response. With a response of repentance follows water baptism and then a separate baptism in the Holy Spirit. This is seen over and over and is a clear model to us.

I would like to close with this quote from Reinhard Bonnke, “We do not threaten people with hell … we warn them. You threaten an enemy, but to those you love, you warn.”


I am not a big preacher of heaven and hell after someone dies as the central theme of the gospel. In other words, I do not promote that missing hell and making it to heaven after death is the greatest target of our joy. NO! I believe the gospel and eternal life starts the very second that an individual “believes” in Jesus and is born again! This brand new life in God that never ends is for NOW and not just for later! The BIG TARGET for me is that eternal life is KNOWING GOD! My target is that we can know, love and experience GOD NOW, and that it never ends if a person “believes” and is IN CHRIST!

We must be born again!!! Yay Jesus!!


Works Cited: Chris Tomlin. “Good Good Father,” Never Lose Sight, Sparrow Records, 2016.


Anointing and Glory "What's the difference?"

This week, I share a few simple truths about the difference between the anointing and the glory of God. I also share how we can move from the anointing into more of the glory realm when ministering to others in the marketplace 

I believe the anointing of God is His presence internally and directly on a person. "To anoint" means to smear or rub with oil. When we are born again, we receive an internal, "bubbling spring of water unto salvation" (John 4:14). When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, we upgrade to "rivers of living water flowing from us" (John 7:38). Both of these experiences are internal, flowing from within us.

The glory is different. It is an atmosphere of God's presence that is external from us, and it also includes the angelic host.

Watch the 3 minute video of God doing miracles in Disneyland >>

'NEW! ⚡️ How to Prophesy ⚡️ Supernatural Training

We are really blessed to share this BRAND NEW Supernatural Training Video with YOU! 😃

We just finished and uploaded our latest How to Prophesy YouTube video. We uploaded our first How to Prophesy YouTube video around 5 years ago. YouTube analytics says our original version has had 421,5017 minutes watched in 186 nations. Wow, Praise Jesus!

The first video we did was really poor quality, but it was the best we had to offer and God really blessed it! We are very thankful that we just uploaded a new and improved version that we now offer to you. We pray Jesus anoints this video to His glory!

In this training session, we cover what basic prophecy is, and then we have fun practicing to prophesy!

We pray this training video will help you get activated in prophecy!

❤️ Bless you, Jason Chin and Love Says Go team!

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3 Ways to Overcome Fear of Man Through God's Love!

freedom 2.jpg

This is a 3 part video series to help you get free from the fear of man, when you desire to share Jesus with others.

I used to be so afraid to share Jesus with people that I skipped my first 4 weeks of outreach at our supernatural ministry school in Redding, California. Ironically (though this is how God often works), I later became a main overseer for the same outreach I used to skip. Praise God! Jesus set me free from fear of man that wanted to keep me contained and constrained.

I truly believe that every believer has a natural desire to share Jesus with others, but fear will try to keep us locked up and restricted from doing so. I believe that this practical 3 part video series can help you also to experience greater freedom through God's unfailing love. No longer will you be bound, but you will be free to reach out to others with Jesus!

Video one

The God Nudge

(3 mins)

Video two

The 3 Second Rule

(2 mins)

Video three

Eyes of Our Heart

(3 mins)

I am convinced, the greatest way to grow in love and get past fear is to get a greater revelation of how loved we are apart from any performance.

Here in our online school of supernatural ministry LSGA, Evangelism is not our #1 focus, love is! Receiving God's unconditional love for ourselves is our biggest goal. When we really get that revelation, fear runs out the door! Yay Jesus!

1 John 4:8, "There is no fear in love, because perfect love expels all fear".

We have another upcoming blog post in which we will share practical ways to receive God's love to a greater degree. I am so excited about that one!

Our next blog will be a BRAND NEW training video on How to Prophecy...Stay tuned!

Thank you and much love in Jesus, Jason


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Jesus Miracles in Basel Switzerland

(Watch the short 4 minute video)

This was a great, fun day in God! Yesterday, two friends and I went to share Jesus with people in Basel, Switzerland. We saw Jesus heal a lady’s back at Starbucks, after we got a word of knowledge for her. We got to share Jesus with her and her son as we drank our wonderful coffee! (wink wink)

Later, we went into the city, and Rouven and Claude saw a man with a boot cast. He was not open to receive prayer even though his wife keep telling him, "You should let them pray for you!" haha. Next, we went to the market, and then these Jesus miracles that you will see in the video above happened. Yay God!

Next we saw a man who was walking really slowly. He had just been released from the hospital and had been battling a deadly disease. We first bought him some food; then, we asked if we could pray for his healing. He sat in the same chair that the ladies from farmers market sat in. The Filipino lady who owns this farmers stand was very happy to let us use her chair to pray for the man. We felt a afflicting spirit leave the man as we prayed.

As our time came to an end, God told me that the short time we took to love this man with the love of Jesus may have saved his life. Even though we may not see all the immediate results we want to in the moment, we are to use our lives to bring life and freedom to others in Jesus name! We have the greatest privilege and honor to sow seeds of God's great kingdom, His love, and His power!


I also had the privilege to met Salvatore at this great 'tasty' ice cream stand. Rouven and Claude met him a few weeks ago and prayed for his back. Salvatore was raised Catholic. My friends explained how to personally receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and he prayed the prayer of salvation. Salvatore also told us that since they had prayed for him, he had not experience any more pain in his back his back. His back was completely healed by Jesus! Praise God! JESUS IS KING!

Let's shine bright with Jesus!

😃Bless you, Jason Chin

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'NEW! ⚡️ Word of Knowledge Supernatural Training ⚡️

We are really excited to share this with you!

We just finished and uploaded our newest training session on Holy Spirit Word of Knowledge. This is a supernatural training video where we teach and then have a fun activation!

We uploaded our first Word of knowledge YouTube video around 5 years ago. It was filmed in my bedroom with a free camera and a white bed-sheet tacked to the wall. I felt God asked me to make that video, so we did. Since then people in 196 nations have watched it! It is amazing how Jesus will bless whatever we do that is offered to Him! Praise Jesus!

We are very thankful that we just uploaded a new and improved training video that we now offer to you. 😃 We pray Jesus anoints this video to His glory!

Words of knowledge are supernatural factual details. They may be used to discern a healing need or an illness or pain in someone's body. They can be personal details like someone's name, birthday, age, occupation, or other factual details about his or her life.

Words of knowledge can relate to the present or the past. Prophecy relates to the future. (Our new prophecy video will be available soon!)

In this training session, we cover what a word of knowledge is, some biblical examples of it, and then we have fun practicing to receive them!

We pray this training video will help you get activated in hearing God's voice even more clearly!

❤️ Bless you, Jason Chin and Love Says Go team!


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Miracles, Food and Fun in France Tonight!


Tonight, I took my lovely wife, Debby, and my father and mother "in love," Robert and Edith, out for dinner in France. How cool is that -to take a 20 minute drive to eat in France. Debby's father feels France has the 'best kitchen' in Europe. I love ALL the food over here! The only French food I think I had before this move to Europe was "French fries." (Wink Wink) Ok, back to the story!

After a wonderful meal (The meat was cooked for 4 hours!), Debby wanted to give the cooks a special tip. Robert and Edith went to the kitchen to tell the cooks how incredible the food was and gave them the tip. The restaurant owner and the cooks were so surprised by this.

As Debby and I watched from a distance, I 'felt' that one cook had a problem with his left knee. This Holy Spirit impression came to me as a random thought. There are many ways that God will communicate 'words of knowledge' for healing. Free Words of Knowledge eBook >>

So, we joined the discussion and asked him. He said his "left knee" was currently a 8 pain level out of 10. All three men were so surprised that I had known about his knee. I shared about how Jesus told me and how He was going to heal his knee because of His great love and power.

After the first prayer, the pain down went to a 4. After the second prayer, he said something was moving around inside his knee and almost all the pain was gone. We told him, "Jesus is fixing your knee!" After the 3rd short prayer, he said, "It’s getting really hot inside, and all the pain is gone!" All three men were shocked! We shared that this is what Jesus’ life looked like in the bible and that He is STILL in the miracle working business! During the last prayer, Holy Spirit told me the other cook has a bad back.

We asked and found out his pain was at a 7. Jesus healed his back instantly.  Then the cooks told us the owner had a bad knee too. We prayed, and Jesus took all his pain away, and he felt something moving in his leg too. We went on to share with them the gospel of Jesus and what it means to be saved.

The black cook was already born-again Christian and the other two were Muslims, although not practicing Muslims. Business was almost done for the night there, so we were able to share for quite some time about Jesus being the “son of God,” not just a prophet, as well as His death, burial, resurrection, the blood of Jesus, and the works!

The 2 muslim men said they were not ready to become followers of Jesus, but they also said they had never met any body like us before -people so full of God's love that they go out of their way to help and bless others. In all their years in business, not even one time had anyone come to the kitchen to thank the cooks. They were really in awe of God in us!

Praise Jesus! We will definitely go back to this restaurant for more wonderful food and who knows what else. :) Come on JESUS!

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We got to open air share Jesus to hundreds at a bike market just now! A girl gets saved!

This was my best attempt to share Jesus in German at the bicycle fair minutes before it opened 😳haha!! Jesus liebt dich! (Boy I messed up the German) oh well I did my best 😜 I'm glad God is great at his job so we don't have to be perfect in our delivery.

After I turned the camera off I was able to share some of my personal salvation testimony for another minute before they opened the doors.

I went to this bike fair with my wonderful "mother in love" and after we found a great bike we saw a girl outside with crutches by the food.

The girls name is Deborah (18 years old) was recently in the hospital. She had a foot infection pain that will not seem to heal. Her pain was at a level 7 out of 10. We prayed for her healing 4 times and then pain went down to a 3 or 4 and she said she felt tingling in her foot "like something was happening in there". She was surprised.

I shared my Jesus salvation testimony and asked if she ever heard about why Jesus died on a cross. She said "no". We shared the simple gospel like how Adam brought sin a deadly sickness that infected the whole earth and the blood of Jesus is the only antidote for that sickness. We shared how you can have the best medicine right next to you and if you don't take the lid off and receive it, it does you no benefit. ( I think I got that analogy from Chris Overstreet or Reinhard Bonnke) maybe both 👍🏼

We asked if she would like to also receive the free gift of salvation. She said "yes, I would like that" She received Jesus and she felt "peace". We talked more about what following Jesus means and gave her our contact info so we can share more about being a follower of Jesus!

A lot of times we may think if the pain doesn't leave 100% right then or goes down just a bit it maybe takes away from the witness of Jesus in that moment. I have found the testimony of Jesus and sharing the gospel "IS the power of God unto salvation!" And Love Never Ever Fails!

We have seen so many people open their hearts to Jesus and get saved after many "incorrect" words of knowledge or whatever else we tried didn't seem to work but we just asked "can I share what Jesus did for me...?"

Boy the Holy Spirit is the greatest evangelist if we can just choose to open our heart to share Jesus with others!

I also expect miracles to happen right away cause that's the model and example that Jesus showed us and told us to follow. ❤️ we the body of Christ are growing in this! Praise God! We haven't arrived yet in experience to the standard but we're getting closer all the time!

We also felt an impression over her life that she was good with children and she says that is what she is in her apprentice school for is "children"! Yay!

Praise Jesus!! Our heart is to also baptize people in water at time of repentance and baptize in Holy Spirit too! Salvation is a bundle package!! More on that later ❤️

Love you and let's give the world CHRIST in US. He is good at His job so we just get to keep "trying, practicing and growing WITH HIM!" Whuuhoo JESUS!!

A Full-Service Urgent Care that Prays for the Sick!

One of our awesome Love Says Go Academy graduates Paul G. recently told us about a very special place on earth that he works at. It is a full service urgent care facility with doctors and nurses that also employs a prayer ministry staff that offers healing prayer in Jesus name to their patients. I had no idea that such a place existed that offers medical service along with supernatural healing. Praise Jesus! 

The facility is in Omaha Nebraska. It's a full service urgent care clinic with doctors offices. They have 9 patient rooms, 5 nurses and 2 PA's. Every patient is asked if they want prayer at check-in, then again by the nurses once they get to their room.

If they answer "yes", they call one of their healing pastors (Like Paul) on the intercom and they pray for them. Paul says about 80% of the time the prayer request is for physical healing and the rest of the time it's for family/finances, etc.

Jesus heals patient's physical bodies in this clinic and also patients receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior right there! Praise God, this is amazing!!

One fun recent testimony that Paul shared. Paul had prayed for a lady with scoliosis right after a doctor took X-rays of her spine. Paul had her sit in a chair and checked her leg alignment and they were out of alignment because of scoliosis. One leg was shorter than the other. Paul prayed and Jesus straightened her spine which made her legs even. The lady was shocked! Then Paul left.

The doctor came in next looking at her X-rays and then checked to see her leg's alignment and was perplexed that they were even. The X-rays showed that she had scoliosis in her lower spine and one leg should be shorter than the other one. 

The doctor asked, "Did pastor Paul come and see you before I did?" 

She replied, "Yes"

The doctor, "Did he have the Lord grow your leg out?"

Lady, "Um...yes."

Doctor, "Because, according to your X-ray, your left leg should be about an inch shorter than your right leg."

A couple minutes later the doctor asked Paul to wait to pray until after he sees the patients for better documentation. Haha that's a fun story!

Praise Jesus that supernatural healing is being offered in this medical center. I pray this will be one of countless others in the future! I thank God for natural medicine that helps people and I thank God for the supernatural power of Jesus to heal, save and deliver! Hallelujah!

God is invading all aspects of society with His kingdom, love and power!

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These 4 precious girls say "YES" to Jesus!

Jesus instantly healed the girl with the glasses hand, it was wrapped up in a bandage and she could barely move it. God healed it...Praise Jesus!!

We also shared Jesus and loved on these precious God-loved people too: a man who said he hates God and Christians, a Catholic priest, a kind muslin lady (only spoke French), the Starbucks girls we shared our testimonies with as we got our coffee...(yes Starbucks, I'm still American at heart), a new age believing lady who has tried many religions (we shared why 'only' Jesus) she felt "positive energy" from us but had to go, a kind Italian man looking through the trash getting bottles. He also asked Jesus to save him after hearing the gospel.

What I saw last night was a sea of humanity, with so many beliefs and life's experiences. We shared the same gospel of love, power and salvation to them all and had so many varying responses.

What I saw was the radical love of Father God that doesn't look at their heart condition or their 'yes' or 'no' to determine what He chooses towards them.

He has already made His decision 'For Them' 2000 years ago through Jesus! He loves people! He wants them, ALL OF THEM!! I repeat "ALL OF THEM!! ❤️He invites and welcomes them to His family just as they are in that moment. What He is saying is "I LOVE YOU, I WANT YOU!!" "Will you say yes back to my love?" He desires that ALL come to the knowledge of salvation! (1 Timothy 2:4)

It's the most precious and holy thing to be able share Jesus with the world.

No matter what we see...someone told us to "F" off last night, or the 4 girls hearing the gospel for the first time and saying yes to Jesus, and eveything in-between. Our motive of love and our actions can stay the same...we preach the radical good news of Jesus...we can demonstrate Jesus' love and His power...we can ask to see "the world" through His eyes 😍and we can loudly declare HIS GREAT LOVE FOR THEM through JESUS!! And give a lot of hugs in between!!

Father God is saying to ALL of humanity "YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM LOVING YOU!!"❤️

Fun side note: the angry man that told us to "f" off we said, "we can't wait to see you next time and tell you again of GOD'S love for you!" We saw him again as we walked home and again we said how much Jesus loves him and again he said some "choice words" for us. We replied, "we hope to see you tomorrow 'friend' looking forward to it!" Love doesn't look on the outside or at peoples response it see beyond that and sees priceless 'value' in every person that is created in the image of God! Yay Jesus!!

❤️European Bride - Jesus loves you and so do we! Jesus is after you and so are we!!❤️

Yesterday my friend Arnaud and I went across the border to Germany to hang out and go shopping.

In the mall the lady pictured had Jesus heal her knees. She was so shocked! She only spoke French so there was a a pretty big language gap but she said she had Jesus living in her heart. At one point she grabbed my hand and put it on her head for a blessing. Arnaud prayed for her daughter too.

We asked Holy Spirit for some details for the young man in the kiosk. We were asking God for his name. The first two we asked were wrong then he said it starts with an "A" then we asked if it was Andrey it was. 

We started telling him about Jesus and he said he doesn't believe in Jesus anymore. He grew up in an orthodox church but has long changed his beliefs. Arnaud asked if he needed healing in his chest. He said his throat and stomach needed healing. When Arnaud prayed the young man he was so surprised because he said "it feels warm!" 

We got to share about what a real thriving relationship with God looks like for us apart from just religious tradition. We talked to him for a long time and invited him to come back to Jesus. He thanked us and said he will think on what we shared.

Next we got on the bus and started talking to the 3 young people dressed up in the costumes. It is carnival week in Basel so a lot of people dress up this week. More about carnival here:

We asked if they had any "schmerzen" (pain) in their bodies. The girl in the pink says her back was pain 3-4. They had to get off the bus right then so we decided to get off the bus too. Even though that was not our stop.

We prayed for her and Jesus made the pain a "0" she said "what the F###!" She couldn't believe it. She said, "It is really warm too!"

We explained how that is the Spirit of Jesus that she is feeling and shared the gospel of salvation and asked if they wanted that . All three said yes they did!

Arnaud "in German" lead them in a decision for Christ! Yay Jesus! We got their contact info to follow up with them. Yay God! :) 

We got back on the bus and it was sooo packed that we barely fit. We felt to open air preach GOD'S radical love and we prayed for hope for all of them. 

When we got off, a father with his young daughter sitting on his shoulders came up to us and said "hallelujah thank you for what you shared on the bus!"

Thank you Jesus for your great love, power and plan for all of Europe to be saved and adopted into your Great BIG family!! Come on Jesus!!

❤️This just happened! Jesus the Healer and Savior!

Praise Jesus!!!

We went to a little coffee shop after church and the lovely lady on the right with darker hair was our waitress. I heard Holy Spirit whisper to my heart "she has back pain and the other blonde lady (the manager) has a knee/leg problem.

So with my friend Rouven we asked and they both said "yes" that was true and they were very surprised asking "how do you know?". We shared Jesus with them and asked when they were caught up serving the other tables we would be so honored to pray for them to be healed.

5 minutes later our waitress came over and took us to a private place to pray for her. Rouven and I went with my wife's mom to pray with her. She has had back pain constantly for 2 years and has been seeing a doctor because of it. After 1 prayer 30% better, 2 prayers 70% better, 3 prayer she felt Holy Spirit heat and something like wind swirling around inside her. She smiled so bright and she was 90% Better!

We said she would be 100% better in just a minute. We asked if she has received Jesus as her savior. She said she was a follower of Jesus and has received Him as savior already. We all hugged and my mom in law got her number so she can invite her to an upcoming ladies meeting.

Before we got back to our table she says she was "perfect" 100% healed! Her face was radiant with GOD'S presence and she excitedly told her manager that she was healed!! The manager looked to us with a look saying "I'm next!"!! Haha come on Jesus!

A few minutes later the manager grabbed us and took us to the same place to pray for the pain she gets in her legs from a vein problem. We prayed and she also felt heat and GOD'S presence. She wasn't in pain at that moment. We got a word of knowledge about a "fear of finances about her job". She was shocked! She couldn't believe it because in 3 months this restaurant is shutting down and she has worked there for 10 years. She has been so worried of what she would be doing next.

We prayed for her again and the Holy Spirit was really touching her. She was leaning against the wall because of GOD'S presence. She also said she could feel GOD'S presence so strong! Yay Holy Spirit!!

My father in law asked her about receiving Jesus as her Savior and she said she has never done that and would really like to! So this beautiful lady accepted Jesus as Savior and asked Him to make her brand new in Christ!! Come on Jesus!!

Both these two ladies were loved by Jesus the healer today and both these ladies will know Jesus as their Savior for ALL of Eternity!! Praise Jesus!!

Tomorrow we plan to have coffee there again and bring the wonderful manager a bible :) cause she said she wants to start reading it!! We hope to continue to meet up and help them become followers of Jesus!! Yay God!!!

P.s. Latte macchiato's always taste better in GOD'S presence!! Whoohuuu Jesus!!