LSGA Financial Aid Program


WE WANT TO Partner with YOU financially, so you can JOIN our next Love Says Go Academy!!


We have reviewed your email, prayed and you have been approved for a LSGA Financial Aid Program! We are excited to have you join us in our next LSGA class, to grow in God together!

Below you will find some LSGA Financial Aid options for you. Please pray and sign up under one of the options below.

Kingdom principle of sowing.  We feel it is an important Kingdom principle to invest and sow into what God has put in your heart to do. Many times people will not invest their heart into something that they do not have a financially investment in. 

"for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:21

We fully understand at this time, you have limited financial resources. We also want to give you an important opportunity to sow what you can and be blessed from it. So please pray about what amount you can invest into your Love Says Go Academy growth. 

Pray about and sign up under one of the LSGA Financial Aid sowing options below.


LSGA Regular Tuition Cost is $250.00

I would like to trust God and sow:


Promo Code: LSGA40%OFF

Promo Code: LSGA60%OFF

Promo Code: LSGA70%OFF


After you sign up, we will email you a welcome packet from Love Says Go Academy. If you need any more help please email us at

Bless you in Christ, Jason Chin and LSGA team!