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❤️ My beautiful USA Family

Slideshow Overview

  • Pic 1: My gorgeous daughter Cami in her wedding dress! She is so beautiful! wow!

  • Pics 2-9: More wonderful wedding pics of Cami & Cory. (Pics 8 is me with my grandaughter Raycheal)

  • Pics 10-12: My oldest son Stephen and Destiny have their first son “Theo”.

  • Pics 13-14: Cami and Cory have “Emma Rose”. She is held by her siblings!

  • Pics 15: My mom and my sister Sarah and her daughter Morgon surprise visit me.

  • Pic 16: My youngest son Brandon.

  • Pic 17: Ninja stars with my grandkids Jeramie and Raycheal.

🔥 Jesus Miracles & Ministry

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  • Pic 1: “Thomas” was healed, saved and baptised when we met him at the park. He is part of our church family now!

  • Pic 2: This lady had a car wreck 15 years earlier and had no feeling in her legs from waist down. Jesus heals her and she praises God!

  • Pic 3: The couple in the middle we met at a bus stop they are both healed and receive Jesus as Savior and start coming to church!

  • Pics 4-9: With our friend Ben Fitzgerald at their incredible Awakening Europe Jesus event in latvia. Ben asked me to go on the streets to be filmed by TBN and Jesus did awesome healings!

  • Pics 10-11: Preaching with my favorite person on the planet miss Debby Chin!

A LIST OF Countries we SAW Jesus move MIGHTILY iN:

We had such powerful times at many wonderful churches around the world. We are so encouraged in the global victorious overcoming body of Christ! Hallelujah!

  • Latvia

  • Canada

  • Sweden

  • Germany

  • France

  • Austria

  • Russia

  • Switzerland

  • Armenia

  • USA

  • Lebanon

My Dad’s Jesus Miracle

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  • Pics 1-7: My dad had an incredible Jesus miracle this year. My dad was in the hospital in a coma with all his organs shutting down. The doctors told Anne (my step mom) that there was a good chance dad would not make it through the night.

  • Many Many believers rallied in prayer for dad’s life that night and God touched my dad’s body. The doctors said it was “miraculous” how dads organs started again that night and they started to become stronger. He turned the corner to life that night and Jesus has been healing dad step by step. He is home now getting stronger every day in Jesus name! Praise God!

❤️ Our Rome & Italy Trip

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  • Pics 1-3: Roman Colosseum where many early Christians were martyred.

  • Pic 4-8: Mamertime prision where apostle Paul was imprsioned and believed to write 2 Timothy. We met a Argentina missionary in that prison who showed us pics of a prison ministry he leads and young men getting saved. I thought “The gospel can not be stopped!” Hallelujah!

  • Pic 9-14: More of Rome.

  • Pic 15-21: In Paris France, Debby and I celebrate our 2nd year Anniversary and my birthday!

⭐️Love Says Go Academy 2018 Grad & Gathering FL USA

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  • Pics 1-16: We celebrated our 4th annual Love Says Go Academy Grad / Gathering in Florida in December.

  • We had such a wonderful time of fun, connection and Holy Spirit impartation with our beatiful & powerful LSGA Graduates.

  • Jesus has let us train over 2,000 students from 40+ nations in the last 4 schools. Praise God!

💥 Christ in You Movie - The Voice (Coming Soon!) Debby and I are so thankful and honored to have been asked to be featured in this incredible Jesus film!


Slideshow Overview

  • Pic 1: Christ in You Movie (Original). We are in the “New Upcomig” Christ in You film “The Voice!”

  • Pic 2: Talking with Andrea Di Meglio. A Founder of the Christ in You film series.

  • Pic 3: The incredible film crew from Latvia.

  • Pic 4-13: Shots of filming with the team. We saw Jesus touch, heal and save several people during the filming in Bern & Basel Switzerland. Europe is ready to be saved!

  • Pic 14: These young people in Basel receive Jesus after getting propesied over and hearing the gospel! Praise Jesus!


Christ in You the Voice - Statement Videos

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We pray the rest of your 2019 would be full of God’s presence, love, and His fullness of His power for you!

May our King Jesus get His full reward, Halelujah!

Much Love,

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