❤️Activate Dream Team, Thank YOU!

(Please watch the video till the end to hear about your surprise gift and what’s coming)


Dear Dream Team Worldchanger,

We can not thank you enough for what you have accomplished in our Activate minischool. You have invested in a multitude of students from 60 nations. We have heard feedback from many students saying their lives will never be the same after Activate. Only in heaven will we see the great impact your love and encouragement has meant into the lives of these students. Wow Wow Wow! Thank you and Praise Jesus!

We love, value and appreciate each and every one of you. You truly are a gift from God to us!

❤️Thank you and much love, Jason, Debby and LSG Core team!

LOOK What’s Next!⭐️⭐️⭐️

  1. ⭐️Join our exclusive Level Up starting on Monday!

  2. ⭐️November 1st - Q & A with myself and Debby.

  3. ⭐️Save the dates LSGA 2020 Gathering in Europe. (Last week July till first week in August. Exact dates TBA)