Chad Dedmon is a leader from Bethel Church and carries a sonship message

Chad Dedmon

and his wife, Julia, were ordained by Iris Ministries and Bethel Church and have since enjoyed traveling together to over 25 nations. He enjoys speaking, demonstrating the healing power of God, and activating the church to step into it’s full potential. Chad has been featured on the Sid Roth show, in Charisma magazine, and the 700 Club. He has a heart to see the Church operate in the fullness of abundance seeing love, miracles, and healing displayed in the corporate body of Christ. Chad works full-time for the Global Legacy department at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. More about Chad:

Lesson 5 - The Power of Sonship

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Lesson 5 - Chad Dedmon shows why it is so important to receive the Father's love and spirit of adoption. If we do not receive this, we can try to do good works for the approval and acceptance of God. Students have really been touched with Father God's love this week!