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Dearest Activate Worldchanger,

We are so proud of you completing Love Says Go Activate minischool!

We are so thankful for your love and hunger for more of Jesus! We pray our Activate course helped you grow more towards a normal Jesus lifestyle of love and power.

We have some exclusive special gifts and offers for you too!

❤️Much love, Jason Chin and Love Says Go team.

Exclusive Only to Activate Graduates!

If you liked Activate, then Love Says Go Academy (LSGA) is a great next step in your personal God journey. LSGA is designed for the busiest of schedules and will produce great growth in your Jesus walk no matter if you are a new believer or a veteran to a supernatural life. LSGA will cause great God growth for you!

Here are two great ways to join, exclusive to our Activate graduates.

✔️ Exclusive Special ends on October 15th at Midnight PST. (Extended because of the delay in the Certificates of Completion)

Risk Free! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Very Limited Spots

(Note: If you already joined LSGA 2019 without this special, we will send you a rebate for the 20% savings.)

✔️ Your Certificate of Completion will arrive in a couple of days in an email.

Thank You!

We are sorry for the extra time it took trying to get the Certificates to you.